Takashi Miura photos (all photos by Al Applerose)

Japan's Takashi Miura entered the fight a veteran of two Fight of the Year clashes. He expected nothing less than total war against Mickey Roman.

Mexico's Mickey Roman had many more fights than Miura and had 43 knockout wins. He expected to beat down Miura. Roman had not lost a fight in five years.

Roman tried his best to land the knockout blow and stepped on the gas early in the match. But he found it difficult to land a clean blow against the former super featherweight world champion.

Miura worked the body and connected hard with the left to the belly. Roman could not find the antidote for the Japanese warrior's body attack.

Miura switched his attack to the head late in the fight. Soon he began connecting with those loaded left crosses and Roman was absorbing too much punishment. Miura scored three knockdowns of Roman in the fight.

A three-punch combination in the 12th round sent Roman to the floor for the final time at Fantasy Springs Casino. The crowd roared at the electrifying ending.

Miura was excited that he had won by knockout. Though he was clearly ahead on the scorecards, he was looking for the knockout win and got it.

Takashi Miura poses with his team and members of Golden Boy Promotions.