Major League Baseball

Dodgers win in game six

As Dodger southpaw Julio Urias fired a fastball passed Tampa Bay’s Willy Adames for a strike three call, suddenly 32 years of heartache were magically erased.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the 2020 World Series Champions once again ...(See full story)

Dodgers Face Rays

Welcome to the 2020 World Series in Arlington, Texas where a neutral site serves as the battleground for a unique championship in this strange year of the pandemic. It’s the first time a World Series will be played on only one location....(See full story)

Baseball Loses Gibson

Baby boomers everywhere are a little sadder this week, especially those who followed the Los Angeles Dodgers or St. Louis Cardinals.

We lost more of those great heroes from the 1960s... (See full story)