Amanda Serrano Photos by Al Applerose

Amanda Serrano entered the MMA scene for the first time on Friday April 13 in Los Angeles, California. Here she enters the walkway at the Shrine Auditorium amid the smoke, lights and cameras. The Combate Americas fight card was televised by Univision.

Amanda Serrano had a Puerto Rican flag in the background as she entered the arena in Los Angeles. Most of the fans were there to see the Boricua make her MMA debut. The Brooklyn-based fighter is well known by fight fans as a boxer who has won five world titles in five weight divisions.

Here Serrano gets patted down in her MMA debut. The smaller 4-ounce gloves used by MMA are a stark difference from the 8 and 10-ounce gloves used in pro boxing.

Serrano's southpaw stance is under attack by Corina Herrera's kicks in the cage at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. Herrera fights out of Porterville, Calif. a small rural town in the San Joaquin Valley up north.

It took Serrano about a minute to get the rhythm of the MMA style of fighting. After a few kicks by Herrera, the momentum changed in Serrano's favor as she began applying pressure with accurate punches.

Serrano began showing why no one can exchange punches with her and succeed. While standing up and exchanging punches Serrano was far superior and deadly accurate.

For the first two rounds Serrano was able to defend against submission holds by Herrera. But it was strange territory.

In the third and last round Herrera dominated and looked like a submission was attainable, but Serrano refused to be submitted as the fight ended in a draw.

Many celebrities attended the Combate Americas fight card in L.A. here is Mr and Mrs. Jhonny Gonzalez. He's a former multiple world champion in boxing and Dulce is a wrestling star in Mexico.

Combate Americas had a successful fight card with a few new wrinkles like this avant garde dancer. She was one of a dozen dancers who roamed the arena to add color to the event.