Yulihan vs Maureen pics

   IBF super bantamweight world title fight between Mexico's Yulihan Luna Avila vs. New York City's Maureen Shea. Photos by Al Applerose

It was a hard-fought battle between IFBA champ Maureen Shea (left) and IBF champ Yulihan Luna Avila at the Forum on Saturday Aug. 29, 2015. Luna is seen here with her head clashing into Shea as referee Jerry Cantu observes.

It was an even fight as seen by this exchange with both female fighters landing and connecting with left hand blows.

Luna Avila discovered her reach midway through the fight and utilized her longer reach to connect. Her jab was especially effective but she seldom used it. Until midway of the fight, both fighters maintained a counter-punch style. 

The last three rounds saw Shea landing harder blows while Luna Avila landed more. It was a classic battle that also split the judges viewpoints.

Shea was aggressive early on as she delivered the bigger blows most of the night.

Shea attacked most of the night with solid right hands .

Around the sixth round Luna Avila began to attack more frequently. She mounted up points by being more aggressive. She was the faster fighter but Shea was the stronger girl. 

After 10 rounds Mexico's Luna Avila waited to hear the judges verdict. All three judges were split on their scores with the result a split draw. Luna Avila retains the IBF title and Shea the IFBA belt. It was an exciting female fight on a pay-per-view card.