Wilder Wins Title

Photo by German Villasenor

And the new heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder! 

By Igor Frank
LAS VEGAS-Warmed up by five previous knock outs raucous crowd  of 8453 fans at the MGM”s Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas was anxious and ready for the main event, WBC heavy weight championship contest between champion Bermane Stiverne and challenger, Deontay Wilder. What they got is a great fight and a new WBC heavyweight champion from USA, Deontay Wilder.  All three judges scored the bout in favor of Wilder by wide margins: 118-1109,119-108,120-107. 
“I am happy to bring this belt back to America officially,” exclaimed Wilder at the post fight interview with Showtime’s Jim Gray:” I think I answered a lot of questions tonight. I just wanted to show the world what I am capable of. I want to bring excitement to the heavyweight division.” 
 Fans definitely got some excitement on Saturday night.  Relatively cautious and tense first stanza ended with fireworks mostly from Wilder. Stiverne pressed the action but young challenger from Alabama popped a crisp jab and controlled the round. Wilder continued to use his height and reach advantage snapping a powerful jab that sat up combinations and booming right hands, the sound of which reverberated throughout the arena. The champion took a licking and kept on trying to get closer to unleash his thunder, but was unable to overcome size disadvantages. The end of the second frame featured a furious exchange. Stiverne was hurt; on his way to the canvas when he tackled Wilder and referee Tony Weeks. It should’ve been called a knock down, but referee sent everyone into their respective corners without administering a count. 
Momentum shifted slightly in the fourth. Wilder started dropping his hands and more agressive Stiverne was catching him on the ropes. Slow beginning of the fifth stanza turned into a firefight dominated by Wilder this was a very exciting heavyweight fight with hard heavyweight punches that mostly landed on the chin of a very durable champion. 
Stiverne tried to reverse the momentum in the 6th; he stocked his prey and applied more pressure, but a jab in his face and occasional right hand in return for his trouble. Wilder teed off on his adversary in the seventh and had the crowd on their feet. Stiverne absorbed a lot of punishment but kept fighting. 
 Despite a serious beating he took Stiverne came back in the 8th and pressed the action and attacked the body of Wilder. 
Deontay controlled the ninth stanza with a jab and powerful combinations and continued to control the action with his jab in the championship rounds. Stiverne never stopped trying but couldn't get much done. He was a picture of a beaten man at the end of the fight The valiant warrior did not have any excuses and conceded a defeat. 
And the new heavyweight champion laid out an ambitious plan to fight Tyson Fury later onh this year and to unify titles against Wladimir Klitschko at the end of the year.