Warriors Collide

Photo by Golden Boy Promotions

Karass and Kamegai collide on April 15th.



By Igor Frank


Forget Floyd Mayweather, forget Manny Pacquiao! LA Fight club is staging an epic battle at Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles on April 15th. Welterweights Jesus Soto Karass (28-10-3,18KO'S) and Yoshiro Kamegai (26-3-1) will collide for ten rounds of explosive action.


If you are tired of paying your hard earned money to watch glorified sparring sessions I encourage you to tune in to Estrella TV on Friday night. If you don't speak Spanish this fight does not require a commentary.


If you do need for someone to explain to you what an all out war in the ring looks like tune in to Ring TV Live on the Internet and listen to Beto Duran , Doug Fisher and Steve Kim comment on the savagery. Or better yet, come to witness this action live at Belasco Theater on Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles. There is nothing like a live prize fight up close and personal.


In my humble opinion Belasco Theater is too small of a venue for this battle. It couldn't accommodate more than a thousand fans. It begs to be staged at Stub Hub Center in Neighboring Carson, California. The Stub Hub Center is called a war ground by multi divisional champion Timothy Bradley and has witnessed its fair share of memorable brawls such as Bradley vs. Provodnikov, Rios vs. Alvarado or legendary Vasquez Marquez lll.


But why am I so excited about this fight? It the law of physics. When two unstoppable forces collide at full speed there will be an explosion. And that is what fans want to see an explosion and extreme violence in the ring.


Local favorite Jesus Soto Karass has 10 losses on his professional dossier, but he has never been in a bad fight. That is why they keep calling him back. Thirty four year old warrior form Los Mochis, Mexico who currently lives in North Hollywood, California told me that he is not a fan of the sport. He doesn't follow boxing, doesn't know the history and doesn't watch fights on TV. What he does know is how to fight inside the square circle and how to give maximum effort every time out.


I have witnessed Karass spar with the likes of Antonio Margarito and Alfredo Angulo at the Maywood Boxing Club. These sparring sessions featured more explosive action than most fights you will see on TV today. Jesus Soto Karass only knows one way to fight and that's why he doesn't need to watch film. He comes forward and throws bombs and that is exactly what you are going to get on Friday night.


His opponent, 33-year-old Yoshiro Kamegai from Tokyo, Japan has an old school Samurai spirit inside of him. He would rather die than take a step back inside the ring. The Japanese warrior demonstrated his mettle two years ago at the Stub Hub Center giving talented American fighter Robert Guerrero all he could handle.


Put these two in the ring and you get a World War lll. And just in case this is not enough violence for one night, exciting and unbeaten light heavyweight Slava Shabransky is scheduled to face a veteran spoiler Derrick Findley on the undercard. Don’t miss it.


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