Upsets in Corona

Photo by Al Applerose

Upsets in Corona: Sanchez Loses and Luis Lopez Fights to a Draw



By Tarrah Zael


Undefeated bantamweight prospect Saul “The Beast” Sanchez squared off in his first title defense against Edwin “El Puto” Rodriguez and was dethroned in a split decision loss on Friday at Thompson Boxing’s New Blood fight night at the Omega Products International in Corona, CA.


Under the cool summer night, Sanchez (12-0, 7 KO) of Pacoima, CA took on Rodriguez (10-5-1, 5 KO) of Puerto Rico in a scheduled 10-round bantamweight clash.


Early in round one, Rodriguez displayed good speed and combination of punches. Sanchez responded with a good left hook and two uppercuts to the chin of Rodriguez in the end of round 1. Both brawlers went toe-to- toe in the earlier rounds, the rounds were close. A low blow from Sanchez to Rodriguez paused the brawl for a couple of seconds while the veteran from Puerto Rico gathered himself in round five.


A swelling of Rodriguez eye in round six came about from a more aggressive Sanchez. In the later rounds, we saw Sanchez exhibit hard body shots but the response from Rodriguez included fast and hard hooks to the head. By round nine Rodriguez begun to show his confidence in his strength and skills. Finally, we saw a display of aggression coming from both brawlers in the last and final round of the bantamweight clash.


The fight went all 10- rounds, the judges scored the fight: 94-96 for Sanchez and 96-94 twice for Rodriguez. Rodriquez wins the split decision over Sanchez handing the California native his first professional loss and obtained the WBO Latino bantamweight title. There are high hopes to see a rematch between these two warriors in the ring soon.


In the co-main event, Demarcus “Little Rock” Layton (7-1-1, 4 KO) went toe to toe with undefeated Corona, CA prospect Luis Lopez (7-0-1, 3 KO) in a scheduled 6-round welterweight bout. Lopez demonstrated his solid right hand and hooks that awoke Layton; Layton showed his ability with fast hands and long reach. By the fifth round Lopez came out strong and separated himself from his opponent. In the end of round six, a strong right hand from Lopez had Layton countering with his own hard right hand. After six rounds in the welterweight battle, one judge scored the bout 58-56 for Layton; but, two had 57-57 for a majority draw.


Other bouts:


In the opening bout a lightweight match ended after both fighters went all four rounds. Sebastian “El Cholita” Salinas (2-0, 1 KO) of Arlington, Texas was not satisfied with the messy work he was given from opponent, “Smooth” Michael Gaxiola (4-17, 1 KO). Salinas loaded up with body punches and finished the beginning rounds with a flurry of punches on Gaxiola. At the third round Gaxiola questions “what is that?” in hopes to get into Salinas head, but referee Ray Corona quickly shuts down the chatter. After four-rounds of chasing down Gaxiola, Salinas wins all three of the judges scores of 40-46 for the unanimous decision win.


The first heavyweight bout of the night, had undefeated Gabriel “The Baby Bull” Hernandez “10-0, 9 KO) with high hopes to continue his undefeated record against Daniel “Kuba” Najera (9-4-1, 4-3 KO). Hernandez of San Diego, Ca landed many great left hooks upon the chin of Najera, southpaw from Mexico. Najera answered back with three straight punches of his own but showed great fatigue. In the later rounds, both fighters looked gassed out but still fought until the end. This was the first time Hernandez went the distance but came out on top with the unanimous decision win over Najera. The judges scored the bout with two judges having it 55-59 and one 54-60.


Oscar Torrez (7-0, 4 KO) of Rialto, California took on an entertaining Miguel Cubos (13-21-1, 10 KO) of San Luis, Mexico. Torrez, the taller fighter, threw out hard body shots and hooks to the head and body upon Cubos. In response, Cubos shook his head “no” and pointed to the boxing fans and smiled in the end of the rounds. It wasn’t too long that Torrez’ hard body shots paid off, a hard hook to the body puts Cubos down at 1:00 left in the fourth round. Finally, in the early round of the fifth Torrez finishes cubos with the knockout win that shut his opponent up.