Thurman Wins

Thurman and Broner dominate foes on PBC’s debut on NBC. 

By Igor Frank 
LAS VEGAS – Critics and fans agreed” Premiere Boxing Champions” inaugural event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena was a huge hit. For the first time in 30 years it was broadcasted live on NBC network in prime time. 10,106 in attendance at the Mecca of boxing that included a number of celebrities such as Denzel Washington, enjoyed spirited action in the ring. 
 In the main event of the evening Keith “ One Time “ Thurman and Robert “ The Ghost” Guerrero locked horns in the squared circle  for bruising, hard punching twelve  rounds epic welterweight  battle.  Unbeaten Keith Thurman deserved a wide margin victory on the judge’s score cards: 120-107,118-109,118-108, but the scores did not reflect the high intensity and level of competition inside the squared circle. Thurman (25-0,21KO’S) dominated the fight with superior speed and punching power. He landed some huge shots but Guerrero (32-3-1,18KO’S) displayed inhuman resilience and super chin and was never out of the fight. Northern California veteran mounted a rally in the tenth stanza that created an early candidate for the round of the year. 
“Robert Guerrero is a tremendous champion,” praised Keith Thurman immediately after the fight. Despite a dominant win Thurman knew he was in the fight .He was taken to a local hospital afterwards to check on a huge hematoma that developed on his head early in the fight. 
Electricity was in the air. Both fighters came out throwing shots with bad intentions. Thurman came out firing and controlled early action. Guerrero landed some big shots early in the second but Thurman finished it strong landing several devastating right hands. Robert Guerrero won the third round by getting inside and roughing up his adversary. A huge knot appeared on Keith Thurman’s head. 
 Thurman dominated round four and took control of the fight from that point on. He stunned Northern California fighter several times with huge right hands. Undefeated champion from Florida hurt Guerrero at the end of round six. Thurman moved and pot-shotted Guererro throughout late rounds Thurman continued his domination and gave very few opportunities to a Northern California fighter.  
Thurman finally dropped “The Ghost” in the ninth frame with a three punch combination. Guerrero crumpled to the canvass and laid on his back with a look of outer devastation. He got up on the count of nine with a badly busted up left eye.” He caught me with a good shot, dazed me and I went down,” said Guererro:”Like I said he has power.” 
 Thurman  saw and smelled blood and went in for a kill and landed some huge bombs, but the former champion from Gilroy California showed fans the meaning of the phrase” mind over matter” and was able to finish the round on his feet. Guerrero stumbled into his corner bleeding profusely. 
 At this moment most felt the fight was over only to witness Round ten, an early candidate for the round of the year. It was a brutal war of attrition. Summoning inhuman reserves Guerrero was able to trap Thurman on the ropes and keep him there for a good portion of the tenth stanza. The crowd went absolutely wild as “The Ghost” rallied and unleashed a furious assault. Thurman looked gassed and troubled on the ropes but fought back and landed some huge uppercuts to finally back off his adversary. Despite the futility of his situation Guerrero fought like a true warrior trying to win and hurt his opponent till a very last second while the crowd cheered him on. 
“I always come through and keep fighting my heart out, “said Guerrero, 31:” And that’s why the fans love me.” Gracious in defeat “The Ghost” praised his conqueror:” He is one of the best. I take my hat off to him. I am not a hater.” 
“To me my son is a champion,” said Ruben Guerrero, a proud father and a trainer of Robert. 
 Knowing in their hearts they witnessed something special, the crowd was on their feet applauding both fighters. They  were not as cheerful during a co main event of the evening that featured a junior welterweight contest between Adrian” The Problem” Broner and John Molina Jr. 
Even though Adrien “The Problem” Broner dominated   Molina throughout the twelve round fight, one could not help but be disappointed that Broner did not score a knock out. Legendary champion Sugar Ray Leonard who was calling the fight on NBC expressed his disappointment by saying that Broner simply needed to close the show. The crowd expressed their disappointment by simply booing. Despite huge disparity in class and domination in the ring the young star from Cincinnati, Ohio was content to dance his way to a unanimous decision victory. All three judges scored the wipe out for Broner: 120-108,120-108,118-110.  
” I did what I had to do to win the fight,” said Broner (30-1,22KO’S) who wowed to never again fight with his hear after a loss to Marcos Maidana, but instead use his god given talents. 
All three judges scored the wipe out for Broner: 120-108,120-108,118-110.  
Outgunned John Molina was hoping to goad Broner into a toe to toe fight but was never able to catch much faster and better skilled adversary. “Adrien fought a good fight and did what he had to do,” said Molina (27-6,22KO’S):” But he should have kept his word when he said he was going to sit there and fight me. He boxes well, but he doesn’t exchange well.” 
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