Seniesa Beats Abaniel

Photo by Alonzo Coston

Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada Wins in Hollywood




By Lauren Rodriguez


HOLLYWOOD, Ca.-Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada defended her WBC silver lightweight title for the second time, at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, CA. The main event between Estrada (17-0, 7 KO’s), of East Los Angeles and Gretchen Abaniel (18-11, 6 KO’s), of the Philippines ended earlier than anticipated. The title fight that ended the night with a bang was scheduled for 10 rounds, but ended in knockout of the 4th round.


In the highly anticipated fight of the night, Super Bad defended her WBC title with gusto, bringing power, velocity and quick counters to her fight against Abaniel. The fight appeared to be close within the first and second rounds, with both fighters proving to be tough competition, throwing solid punches.


By the third round, the two female warriors were blood hungry, lunging for each other at the start of the round, with fists flying as they brawled within the first seconds. Toward the end of the round, Estrada’s punches seemed to double what Abaniel was throwing and it became evident that Abaniel was growing tired. By the end of the round, Seniesa dodged a number by Abaniel and reversed positions, trapping Abaniel against the ropes.



As the fight progressed, it was evident that Estrada’s powerful punches to the body of Abaniel were taking a toll, as Abaniel’s knees appeared to weaken. The fight ended in knockout by Estrada, as Abaniel herself, called the fight off before the 5th round could begin.



“I noticed I was landing some really hard shots and I had to be kind of careful. Her style can make her opponent sloppy and I’m not a sloppy fighter. I have good footwork and defense, so I had to use that to my advantage and wear her out, as planned,” said Estrada.



This victory for Estrada leaves her undefeated, with 17 wins to her name. The champion is looking ahead to her next opponent as she states longtime rival, Marlen Esparza (6-0, 1 KO) and WBC Champion Yesenia Gomez (15-3-5, 6 KO’s) as potential contenders.


“Of course everyone knows the rivalry with Marlen Esparza… she can get it anytime. Whatever Golden Boy wants to do is what I’m ready for… I want Yesenia Gomez, the WBC champion right now, I want a world title.”



Co- Main Event


In the co-main event between super bantamweights Azat Hovhannisyan (17-3, 14 KO’s) and Glen Porras (32-9, 20 KO’s), Hovahannisyan brought power and speed to the match. The Armenian fighter, fighting out of Los Angeles, CA made impactful hits, often stunning and at times, knocking Porras over.


Throughout each round, Philippines native Porras, proved to be defenseless as he tried to block Hovahannisyan’s hands and missed the attempted shots.


By the fourth round Porras, was slammed against the rings ropes and Hovhannisyan repeatedly made advances toward Porras face and body, before the referee called the fight to an end. The fight ended at 2:08 of the fourth round by technical knockout, Hovhannisyan as victor.


“I had a great preparation,” said Azat Hovhannisyan. “I sparred very hard and everything went well in camp. I’m boxing more in my fights, but I also bring a lot of action. I want T.J. Doheny, and then I want Danny Roman, Rey Vargas [again] and Emanuel Navarrete.”





TV Opener


The televised opener between Super Bantamweights Carlos Caraballo (16-3, 13 KO’s) of Puerto Rico and Esteban Aquino (12-6, 7 KO’s) of Dominican Republic, ended in the second round at 1:52.


Both opponents appeared energetic and quick, making it anybody’s fight. In the second round, Caraballo stunned Aquino and Aquino was quickly dropped to the ground. Aquino did not get up before the 10-second count and the fight was determined knockout by Caraballo.


This win is Caraballo’s 12th win, leaving him undefeated.


“That’s what I was trying to do, get a spectacular knockout,” said Caraballo. “I have the power to do it, and that’s what I trained for at the gym. I noticed he wasn’t really attacking in the second round. We take things round by round, so I saw the opportunity and took it.”



The fight between Christian Gonzalez (19-3, 15 KO’s) and Cesar Valenzuela (14-4-1, 5 KO’s) consisted of 8 dragged out rounds. Gonzalez began the fight looking exhausted and continued that way throughout. By the 7th round, Valenzuela was notably the winner, as he had made as many as 5 back-to-back face shots on Gonzalez in each round.


At times, Gonzales looked like a bobble head, not present in the fight, propped against the ropes and swaying whichever way he was hit.


The round ended after 8 rounds and ended in unanimous decision of 79-73, Valenzuela as winner.


“We knew he was a hard hitter,” said Cesar Valenzuela. “We knew he would come in throwing wild punches and that he had no defense, footwork or head movement. So, I used my distance, jab, and footwork. I also was able to get him with my straight right hand, which he could not see coming.”



Bektemir Melikuziev made his professional debut against Martin Rios (23-19-4, 13 KO’s). The fight ended in knock out at 1:39 of the first round, with a left hook to the body, knocking down Rios.

“What happened is what always happens,” said Bektemir Melikuziev. “I wanted the toughest challenge out there, and I went in there and took care of business. Now it’s time for me to keep going and stay busy.”