Sagadat Wins at Burbank

Photo by Tarrah Zael

Rahkmankulov Wins Battle of Undefeated at Burbank



By Tarrah Zael


BURBANK, Calif.-A highly anticipated battle between two cherished super welterweights saw Sagadat Rahkmankulov win by decision over Jhon Leon in a battle of undefeated prospects on Friday.


Before a crowd of more than 500 fans at the Marriot Events Center Rahkmankulov (2-0) stepped ahead of Leon (3-1) to remain undefeated in the six round super welterweight clash. But it was not easy.


Rahkmankulov of Kazakhstan, who is now fighting out of Oxnard, California, deemed to have a lot to prove Friday night against well-known Leon, of Columbia.


The first couple of rounds had the audience on the edge of their seats since they weren’t easily dominated by Rahkmankulov. Although he won those rounds, timing his punches perfectly to reach Leon proved to be a lesson that was needed to carry him throughout the whole fight.


Leon came out of his corner looking for the knockout punch with his quick overhand right and wide left hook. However, as Leon quickly countered any of Rahkmankulov’s strong jabs with his overhand right or hook; the intense amount of pressure received from Rahkmankulov did not change.


In the later rounds the tides turned with the continuous exchange of punches and pressure in the toe to toe battle between these two. Now moving forward as the aggressor, Leon stayed on top of Rahmankulov with his wide punches and combinations. But, Rahkmankulov proved to be the better boxer with his defensive counters and swift footwork. Still, the lingering thought that someone’s undefeated record would have to subside; proved to be the fighting outcome.


Sagadat welcomed Jhon coming towards him as he was well prepared to give him the pressure of his hooks to the body and short uppercuts. Thus, easily turning Jhon around and keeping him on the ropes, Sagadat quickly tired Leon in the last round of the fight. With both judges, Fernando Villarreal and Timothy Hicks scoring the fight of 59-55 and judge Edward Hernandez Sr. giving a score of 58-56, for your winner by unanimous decision: Sagadat Rahkmankulov.


Even with his well-deserved win, Rahkmankulov expressed his desire to better himself, “I think I did good work, but I think I made a lot of mistakes. I need to work on my mistakes.”


In the last battle of the night, Burbank’s very own Damien Lopez (5-0-1) defeated Tucson, Arizona’s Rodolfo Gamez (2-5) with two left hooks, eight seconds into the 5th round. In the earlier rounds Lopez kept busy with jabs to the body then straight to the head. He showcased himself a very well-rounded fighter with his angles and defense. He ended the last fight of the night with an impressive knockout.


Other Bouts


The first fight of the night opened with an exciting one punch knockout by Santos Ortega (1-0) 20 seconds into the first round.. The boxing star, whom is managed by former world champion Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley, defeated another debuting boxer in Giancarlos Espinoza (0-1) with a single overhand right timed perfectly and starting his first professional career with a win.


In the welterweight bout, Gerardo Alvarez (1-0) versus southpaw, Derion Chapman (1-2) both fighters came out throwing numerous of punches. But, Gerardo won the split decision and proved to be the more technical fighter as Derion danced around the ring.


In another welterweight bout of the night, Archie Weah (2-10) was timed perfectly by Ricardo Quiroz (6-0); he connected his power punches in a toe to toe battle. Oxnard’s Quiroz won the majority decision over New York’s Weah in the four round fight. Quiroz states, “He came to fight but I got the victory tonight.”


Jordan Baletero (2-6) was knocked down in the first round of an overhand right by Roger Gutierrez (7-1-1). Roger’s wide stance and punches got to Jordan quickly calling for a timeout in one of the rounds. Ultimately all three judges scored the fight for Unanimous decision to Roger Gutierrez in the Super Featherweight fight.


The six round super lightweight bout, Jesus Cruz Bibiano (17-13) versus Humberto Velasquez (6-1-2); although being head-butted numerously; Bibiano came out on top with the Split Decision over Velasquez


Rudy Garcia (7-0) defeats Josue Morales (5-7) in a six round bantamweight contest with a unanimous decision. Garcia was very active all six rounds, throwing combinations

and exchanging punches with the southpaw. Morales had a good defense but was not executing his punches for the win.