Robot Umpires Now

Photo/Forbidden Planet

Robo Umpires Needed Now in MLB


Editorial: By David A. Avila

Now is the time to impose robot umpiring behind the plate.

With new restrictions under place due to the coronavirus pandemic Major League Baseball could use one more change to its rules: have an automated pitch by pitch umpire to make ball and strike calls at home plate.

It makes sense to do it now.

Already 11 umpires have opted out due to the dangers posed by Covid-19 and this will cause a ripple effect in terms of capable and veteran home plate callers. There is also a concern regarding social distancing between the catcher and home plate umpire.

Umpires out on the baseball field are not a problem in terms of experience or social distancing. With instant replay available even a child could make a decent call on the field. But umpires behind the plate need to be eliminated now.

Another reason to mandate robot umpires would be to eliminate the time waste factor. Arguments would cease to exist between the batter and umpire or manager and umpire. You cannot argue with automation. This would speed up the game.

Strike zones would be consistent for once. No more roving strike zones or problems discovering where a breaking pitch landed across the zone.

Automated umpires are already in use in the minor leagues. Skip the scheduled time preference and use it now.

Games would flow much faster and most players would be much happier all season. It is long overdue. Robot umpires should be implemented today. It’s the right call to make.