Return of Boxing

Photo by David A. Avila

Return of Boxing



In many ways the sport of professional boxing represents the human spirit and all its variables.

With a worldwide pandemic shutting down all aspects of live entertainment and social inter-mingling, it was boxing and MMA that were the first sports to return and give the public something to enjoy.

Boxing, or prizefighting as it is also known, has always provided superbly trained athletes capable of fighting 12 turbulent rounds. Fighters are also capable of devising innovative plans of attack in a split-second. Endurance is another primary factor and despite absorbing terrific blows a fighter is trained to survive and prevail.

Our world today is trying to survive and return to normal times.

Recently, Top Rank successfully brought back prizefighting and provided a blueprint that allowed the public to enjoy boxing from Las Vegas, Nevada on television and on streaming devices. They managed to provide weekly boxing from June until July 21 on ESPN.

It was wildly successful.


One major revelation was because of the coronavirus danger, all participants were tested vigorously for Covid-19 that has killed more than half a million people around the world including more than 140,000 dead in the U.S.

Testing has revealed that for almost every show someone was detected carrying the coronavirus despite not looking or feeling ill. Almost every boxing card had someone carrying the virus.

What that means is that many, many people have this deadly virus that has killed more than 600,000 worldwide. They may not have fever or show signs of feeling ill, but they are carrying and passing on the virus unknowingly.

It’s proof that this is not a mere 1% of people afflicted as MMA fighter Tito Ortiz said recently. It is a far higher percentage.  

Boxing has managed to reveal this unknown factor.

Masks are a necessity to keep the virus from spreading. Maybe young adults are not as affected as older folks, but everyone has parents or grandparents who will be struck down by this affliction.

This week California takes its turn in providing boxing to the public. Long has this western state been considered the boxing capitol of the world. Will it be able to continue the return to normalcy by providing prizefighting to the worldwide public that craves entertainment?

Golden Boy Promotions will be taking the baton from Top Rank to continue providing fans with prize fights on DAZN a streaming device. It begins this Friday.