Red Boxing 2020

Photo by Al Applerose

It’s Knockout City at Red Boxing 2020 Opening



By Lauren Rodriguez


HUNTINGTON PARK, CA- It was a sold out event for Red Boxing promotions Saturday night. The line flowed out onto the street as fans lined up to enter Leonardo’s nightclub and restaurant.


The main event of the night, starred fan favorite, Pico Rivera’s pride and joy, Angel “El Moreno” Rodriguez (5-0, 3 KO) and Braullio Avila (3-6, 1 KO). A GBO title, held by Rodriguez was up for grabs, and the 19-year old did not intend to let it go.


Rodriguez, a rising star has become a fixture for Red Boxing events, bringing crowds out to witness the undefeated fighter.


The bout, scheduled for six rounds hyped the entire crowd, some who wore “El Moreno” shirts and other gear. As the commencement bell of round one rang, Rodriguez went in with solid shots to his opponent’s torso and Avila was immediately on the floor. As the bout progressed, Avila showed to be no match for a lengthy Rodriguez, as he danced around the ring looking for an opening to attack. In the fifth round, the bout turned into a brawl and Avila was knocked over once more.


The fight was scored 60-53, Moreno (6-0, 3 KO’s) emerged as the undefeated winner.




The co-main event was a super middleweight clash between fighters, Bryan “The Thrill” Flores and Brandon “The Business” Baue. The two, fighting for the WBC title held by Anaheim native, Flores, lasted the scheduled 5 rounds. The first round foreshadowed the downfall of orthodox fighter Baue as he continuously stiffly kept his hands up, leaving his body exposed. By the third round, Baue’s connecting hits increased and intensified in strength but remained no match for a fiery Flores.  

It wasn’t until the 4th round that viewers really witnessed aggression from Baue as Flores could be seen becoming flustered with the Missouri native.  The bout was scored a unanimous decision of 50-44, Flores as winner.

Photo by Al Applerose



The 4-round bout between super featherweights Oliver “El Gallo Negro” Galicia (debut) and Christian Lopez (0-2) was shorter than anticipated. The first round, Galicia proved to be quicker, obtaining more hits to his opponent’s body than Lopez could throw. Lopez appeared slumped as he threw overhand shots. Galicia moved the fight, leading his opponent all over the ring and eventually to the ropes where Lopez leaned defenseless. The referee called the bout to an end at 2:49 with K.O. victory for Galicia. This makes the first win of Galicia’s professional career.


The super bantam bout between Willie Anderson (0-3) and Joseph “Vicious” Garcia (1-0) had all eyes drawn. The round began as quickly and abrasively as it ended, with Garcia living up to his alias, “Vicious.” Garcia turned the fight into a brawl, knocking Anderson out at 35 seconds of the first round. Garcia remains undefeated with his second win to his name.


The four round featherweight fight between Andre “The Little Giant” Marquez(3-1) and Waverly Bagby (1-1, 1 KO) began questionably as Bagby was briefly knocked to his knees. The second round was cut short as Bagby was knocked down with a left hook at 48 seconds, leaving Marquez as winner.


The featherweight fight between Jose Luis “The Bad Boy” Heredia II (debut) and Pablo “Bam Bam“ Meglar (2-0-1, 1 KO) ended shortly after the start of the first round. Heredia, made a rocky debut as he quickly slipped in the first round and was soon after knocked down from a hit to the body. The short round ended in the first loss of Heredia’s new boxing career.


The super lightweight fight between Elliot Brown (2-14, 2 KO’s) and Steven “El Mentado” Rodriguez (8-0)­­ remained a close match. Brown, fighting out of Texas, displayed the technique of one with better stats than his own, showing great footwork and angling.  The 4-round bout brought upon an unfavorable split decision of 39-37 for Brown and 39-37, 40-36 for Rodriguez, with Rodriguez as winner. Rodriguez improves to 9 wins, leaving him undefeated.


The first professional bout of the night began with a four rounder between Eduardo “ El Torito” Diaz (3-0, 1 KO) and Nohelin Hernandez (0-4)­. Throughout, Hernandez could be seen making more connecting hits, working every angle while Diaz sluggishly struggled to stay awake. The fight was scored a questionable 39-37, Diaz as winner. Diaz remains undefeated with 4 wins to his name.