Red Boxing

Photo by Tarrah Zael

Russia’s Egorov Brings the Heat on Loaded El Monte Fight Card



By Tarrah Zael


EL MONTE, Calif.-Red Boxing International, in association with Rey Cacoi Rodis II and Steve Rodarte, held their first boxing show at the Florentine Gardens in El Monte, California on July 20, 2018.


The show ended on high mixed emotions throughout the crowd, many were upset about the decision of the fight being stopped by the advice of the doctor. In a scheduled 10-round cruiserweight main event, a young Russian prospect stopped his opponent with his vicious power and strength.


A final call was made at the end of the sixth round having Russia’s Alexey Egorov (6-0, 5 KO), whom completely shutout Nigeria’s Lateef “Power” Kayode (21-4, 16-3 KO), as the winner by knockout.


While the opposing fighters support were audibly upset at the decision, what they clearly don’t understand about boxing is that too much damage may be the last time they ever see their loved one coherent or even alive.


“When fighters die? Its fights like this.” concerned ringside judge Fernando Villarreal said, “Ive seen this happen one too many times to fighters. He was taking way too much damage at this point. If he wanted to go one more round, for what? He’s not going to win the fight”. 


His words were very real in the boxing world and are not to be taken lightly in this sport. Huge props to the doctors whose best interest will always be for the fighter, despite the tremendous heart a boxer has stepping into the ring.


The country of Russia had complete domination all night, welterweight Radzhab “The Python” Butaev (9-0, 7 KO) also stopped his opponent, Ramses “El Faraon” Agaton (20-9, 10-4 KO) of Mexico in a scheduled eight round co-main event.


It was clear by the first round who was the better and stronger fighter. Butaev connected more punches upon Agaton, even with his hands by his side, he was too quick for Agaton to counter his own punches. He played on his southpaw opponent’s frustration all the way until he finally stopped him at 2:58 in round three with a TKO.


Other bouts


Carlos “El Tiburon” Sanchez (17-0, 16 KO) continued his undefeated record with a stoppage in the sixth round against Brian “Sweet Jones” Jones (14-10, 8-2 KO) of Los Angeles, CA. Sanchez from San Felipe, Mexico perfectly calculated his hooks while Jones swung wide punches that clearly missed his counter. A flurry of hooks to the brain without any counter from Jones was shocking as the fight wore on. But, it was multiple uppercuts to the chin that sent Jones straight to the ground in round six. Once Jones got himself together, it was allowed to continue the fight until the referee stopped it at 1:42.


Training out of Maywood Boxing Gym’s Adan Ochoa (6-1, 3 KO) came out on top as the stronger and more technical fighter than his counter, Mike Fowler (6-16, 2-6KO) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ochoa’s strong hooks to the body and then to the head threw off his opponent; meanwhile Fowler’s lunging jabs caught Ochoa multiple times. Although both fighters went toe to toe in the six-round featherweight bout, all three judges scored the fight in favor of Ochoa with the unanimous decision.


A scheduled four-round junior welterweight battle was a quick but feisty one, Mike Myers (2-0, 2 KO) of Sweet Science Boxing Gym in Lomita, CA sent his contender David Cruz Rivera (0-3, 3 KO) to the canvas after multiple left hooks to the body. Only 2:23 in the first round, Rivera never recovered.


The first bout of the night was a slow-motion heavyweight bout. Two Southern Californian pugilists made their pro debut, southpaw Ryan Edwards (1-0) of Long Beach versus Ryan Williams (0-1) of Turlock.  After four rounds of chasing and dominating his opponent around the ring, all three judges scored the fight 40-36 for Edwards as the winner by unanimous decision.