Raquel Miller Wins NABF

Photo by Al Applerose

Raquel Miller Wins NABF by KO at Hawaiian Gardens Casino



By Lauren Rodriguez


HAWAIIAN GARDENS, Ca.- It was a crowd full of Jonathan “El Diamante” Esquivel and Raquel Miller fans, that filled the event space which held the boxing ring and viewers. Over 200 “El Diamante” fans could be spotted, sporting their El Diamante merchandise.


NABF Middleweight title


Raquel “Pretty Beast” Miller (8-0, 3 KO’s) took home the NABF middleweight champion title against Erin Toughill (7-4-1).


The fight between the orthodox women was one you could not look away from, beginning to end.


It was a short right hand in the first minute of the first round from Miller that knocked Toughill to the ground, leaving her to hold onto Miller and bringing her down too.


Millers speed was apparent throughout, as Toughill struggled to reach her. The San Francisco native, Miller, who is currently fighting out of San Diego, used every moment to her ability, using moments to dodge, and moments to strike.


After a few rounds in the ring, Toughill came back stronger, making it known that she would not go down without a fight.


In the 7th round at 1:01, referee Zachary Young called a close to the fight as Toughill went down from a left hook and did not appear able to continue.


In an exclusive interview with the NABF champion, Miller was asked what her thoughts were on the comeback Toughill made in the middle of the fight.


“I thought it was fun when she tried to make it a brawl, women do that… adversity builds character, if all my fights are a sail through, then I’m not growing.”



When asked what is next for this champion winner, Miller stated that she is going for a world title.


This NABF champion win leaves Miller undefeated.


Super Middleweight


The fight between Jonathan “El Diamante” Esquivel (9-0, 8 KO’s) and Tavorus Teague (6-26-4, 3 KO’s) ended in knockout at 2:11, of round 4 by fan favorite Esquivel.


The crowd was filled with El Diamante fans, hundreds wearing shirts supporting the fighter as they all went wild for their competitor.


It was apparent throughout the fight that Esquivel was a match too quick for Teague, who at times seemed off balance and unable to connect with Esquivel.


This win leaves Esquivel “El Diamante” as undefeated with 10 wins to his name.


MMA Bantamweight


The MMA bantamweight fight between Taiff Harris (0-1) and Jason Edwards, making his pro debut, ended in technical knockout in round one.


Super Middleweight


The super middleweight fight between Kenny Quach (0-1) and Johnny Cisneros ended in a draw after four action packed rounds.


Cisneros who made his pro debut made the first hit of the fight, but Quach stayed consistent as the two went blow for blow.


The orthodox fighters held nothing back throughout the intense rounds, going gut for gut and headshot for headshot, even when they were up against the ropes.


The two proved they could both take and serve a powerful punch as they fought toe to toe.


The fight ended in a unanimous decision of 38-38, leaving some fans upset, as an upset crowd could be heard throughout.


MMA Featherweight


The MMA featherweight fight between Geoff Meller (1-0), who made his pro debut and Jerome Buchanan (1-4), ended in the first round by technical submission by rear naked chokehold.