Pacman Day

Photo by JP Yim

Pacman believes he knows the code to crack Floyd’s undefeated record. 

By Igor Frank
With  the Superbowl of boxing little over two weeks away everyone is talking about long anticipated showdown between arguably two of the best fighters on the planet, Manny “ Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “ Money” Mayweather. 
These two forces of nature will collide on May 2nd at the Mecca of Boxing, MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Combined venture of HBO and Showtime will televise this epic battle live via PPV. 
In football they say that defense wins championships and so defensive wizard, undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather is a betting favorite. Surprisingly betting public is pouring all the money on offensive machine, Manny Pacquiao. Are they betting with their hearts? “The reason I am so loved by fans is because of my reckless style of fighting,” said Pacquiao on Wednesday during media work out at the Wildcard Boxing Gym in Hollywood:” People like exciting fights with actual punches being thrown.” 
Public loves Manny and will count on him to make an exciting fight on May 2nd. What about Floyd? Most pundits believe undefeated Mayweather, deservedly betting favorite, will once again, find a way to win this fight. Coach Freddie Roach is not one of them. 
“I don’t believe that Floyd ever wanted this fight,” said Roach during Wednesday media work out:” He was forced to take it by the public and the media. I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd pulled out now.” Surprised? No, the world would be shocked if Floyd pulled out of this fight that only took five years to make. But no one wants to think about that, especially not Manny. 
“More people are interested and informed about this fight now than they would’ve been five years ago,” said eight divisions world champion, Manny Pacquiao: “I can say that beating Floyd would be the biggest victory of my career.” Pacman believes that he found a Davinci code to crack Mayweather’s undefeated record. “I have watched tape on Floyd to make sure that our strategy and technique in training camp is correct,” he concluded. 
Head coach, Freddie Roach agreed: “I can tell how much this fight means to Manny because he has watched tape on Floyd. Manny has never watched tape on any fighter before.” 
Neither fighter in this contest ever watched tapes of his opponents before, but both warriors are going the extra mile for this one. “Manny has really raised the bar in this training camp,” continued Roach: He’s a different Manny Pacquiao than I have seen him going into previous training camps. He is punching so much harder in training for this camp. Manny is better than ever, his attitude is different and I’ve never seen him work this hard. His speed is faster, his punches are harder. I’m really happy where he’s at. His legs look great; he’s on his toes all the time.” 
There were rumors that Pacquiao had problems with his calves in training, but according to Roach that problem has been resolved. “We have a great idea of when and where we are going to attack Mayweather,” Roach said. 
Even seasoned veteran, a Hall of Fame promoter, Bob Arum, who began promoting fights in the sixties, is giddy about this showdown. "I would say Manny is more motivated for this fight than any other fight I've seen him prepare for,” said Arum:"I'm looking forward to May 2. I love Manny’s chances of winning, that's the main thing. He looks great, he's motivated, no nonsense, and I think he's going to put on a performance for the ages. It's going to be hard for him to top his performance against Oscar De La Hoya, but I think he will in this fight."  
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