Pablo Rubio Wins Title

Photo by Lauren Rodriguez

Pablo Rubio Wins State Title and Other Results at Pico Rivera



By Lauren Rodriguez


PICO RIVERA, CA.-It was a night of draws and victories for fan favorites at the Road 2 Glory fight night. The event, hosted by Red Boxing Promotions at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, brought out boxing fans from throughout the Southern California region, eager to spend their cool summer night rooting for their favorite fighters.


The main event, fighting for the Global Boxing Organization state featherweight title between Pablo “The Shark” Rubio Jr. (12-0) and Mike “Money” Fowler (7-22) was a steady 6 round fight.


Rubio, an orthodox fighter and fan favorite, fighting out of Whittier, CA, brought many fans out to see his latest bout. The fighter’s entrance had everyone rushing out of their seats, lining up along the gates to film their boxer as he walked up to the ring.


Fowler, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native graced the ring with black sequined trunks, appealing to his alias, “Money.” Although the Milwaukee native had power in his punches, the quick dodges and responses by Rubio left Fowler hesitant as he attempted to get jabs in.


The majority of the fight was directed by Rubio, who remained aggressive and continuously moved forward toward Fowler who had no choice but to back away from the preying shark.


Even after two slipping situations for Rubio, the fighter remained the predator as he doubled down on his attack as the last seconds of the round neared.


The bout ended after 6 rounds, scoring a unanimous decision of 60-54, Rubio was declared the victor along with winning the GBO state featherweight title.


Co-Main Event

The co-main event featured a fight for the GBO state welterweight title, between Oleksiy “The Ukrainian Nightmare” Barker, fighting out of Fullerton, CA. and Juan Yanez (0-1-0) of Chile. It ended swiftly.


The Ukrainian born, Barker, appeared calm and smug, as he left no time to spare in the first round, quickly knocking Yanez down within the first 30 seconds. Yanez rose after his first fall, unwilling to accept defeat so early in the fight. Less than 15 seconds after his first knock down, Yanez was quickly knocked to his feet again by a left overhand that closed the round.


The fight which lasted 42 seconds, ended in knockout of round 1. The winner, Barker remains undefeated with 3 wins, all by knockout.



Other Bouts:

In the flyweight division, Guatemalan boxer, Edwin “El Implacable” Reyes (8-4-3) and Mexican Axel “El Mini” Aragon Vega went head to head, ending the night with a close contest. The fight could have been either fighter’s win, with Reyes using his lengthy arms and Vega using his speed and strategy. By the 5th round, Aragon appeared to be slowing, lacking as many impactful hits as his opponent. In the 6th and final round, Vega amped up the energy and led a full forced attack on Reyes, cornering him and attacking face and body until the referee called the fight to an end. The fight ended at 2:46 of the 6th round, Vega as winner. This fight is the 12th win for Vega (12-2-1).



The lightweight fight between orthodox fighters, Martin Urias (6-0-0) of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. and Roberto “R15” Almazan (9-10-0) of Mexico, was filled with energy and speed. The two fighters remained toe-to-toe, both fighting with every ounce of power in them. The fight ended after 6 rounds, scoring a unanimous decision, with Urias as winner. Urias remains undefeated, improving to (7-0).


The scheduled 4-round lightweight fight between Daniel “El Cuetito” Cruz” (1-0-0) of Chino, CA. and Jacob Wright (0-1-0) of Alabama ended abruptly. From the first seconds of the fight, it was clear that Cruz was not going to waste any time, as he quickly had Wright against the ropes cowering, before finally knocking him down. The fight ended at 54 seconds of the first round, Cruz as the winner. The victory brings Cruz (2-0) his 2nd win.



The fight between welterweights, Angel “Big Ticket” Snow (7-4, 5 KOs) of Ohio and Los Angeles native Saul Bustos (9-0) was a quick and intriguing 4 rounds as both fighters proved to be speedy and tactile. Snow, who was quick to dodge incredibly low brought impact in his punches whereas Bustos brought aggression and strategic combinations. The final score was a unanimous decision that named Bustos as winner. The win brings Bustos (10-1-0) his 10th win.



The super welterweight fight between Frank Castle Castillo (6-0-1 of) New York and Carlos Huerta (6-3-1) of Mexico was filled with intensity as neither fighter was willing to back down or give the other a second to spare. The close fight ended in a draw.



The welterweight fight between, Los Angeles native, Moises Fuentes (2-0-0) and Ohio native, John “The Beast” Oliver (0-1-0) ended in the second round with a knockout. Fuentes finished the fight with a series of hits to the body and a right hook before Oliver was knocked down. The win brings Fuentes (3-0) his 3rd win, leaving him undefeated.




The super flyweight fight between Ivan Vasquez Santos, who made his professional debut and Jesse Mandapat consisted of 4 rounds. Orange County native, Mandapat (2-0) was strategic while Mexican fighter Santos started hesitant and didn’t bring his energy up until toward the end of the first round. The fight was scored a draw.