Matthysse Wins Title

Photo by Al Applerose

Lucas Matthysse KOs Thai Fighter at The Forum



By Derek Smith



The Forum, a Southern California boxing venue in Inglewood that has seen many great fights and many great champions, hosted two title fights promoted by Golden Boy Promotions.  The main event featured popular knockout artist Lucas “La Maquina” Matthysse (39-4, 36 Kos) in his second fight as a welterweight.  In a fight for the vacant WBA welterweight title, the Argentine bomber was matched against undefeated Tewa Kiram (38-1, 28 Kos) of Thailand. The fight ended with an eighth round knockout by Matthysse over his tall long-limbed opponent. 


Kept at bay by Kiram's long jab, the South American fighter had problems penetrating the former kick-boxer's defense. The Thai fighter displayed good ring generalmanship utilizing his height and reach advantage over the 5' 6" Matthysse.


Kiram won the first two rounds. 


"He was so big," said Matthysse, 35, now fighting out of Indio, Ca. under the tutelage of Joel Diaz. 


Fighting at a fast pace, there wasn't a clinch until the third round. Although the wily 35 year old veteran began cutting the ring off as early as the second round, he was still having problems with the tall Thai's length and reach. Matthysse was still winging his punches and missing in bunches.


In the fifth round 25-year-old Kiram slowed down and began to clinch and hold, prompting Matthysse to hit behind the head. 


The sixth and seventh rounds found the Southeast Asian fighter unable to get out of his own way as Matthysse began to find Kiram with big punches. Kiram still firing his jab began throwing right hands, in an attempt to ward off Matthysse, who having found the range, was coming hard.


The eighth found saw Kiram stretched out flat on his back under the bottom strand of ropes, the result of a quick left fired by Matthysse that Kiram never saw. Kiram regained his feet, and apparently deciding to go out on his shield, stepped to Matthysse firing wild right hands. Matthysse, ducking under a right hand, exploded a left-hand grenade on Kiram's jaw, rendering him unconscious, flat on his back, and only few feet from where he had been dropped only seconds before. Referee Raul Caiz waved the fight over at 1:21 of round eight.


Matthysse's trainer, Joel Diaz spoke optimistically when he said, "He has three or four more good fights left."  Matthysse, for his part said, "I want a rematch with Danny Garcia, or Manny Pacquiao."


Kiram was taken to Centinela Medical Center in Inglewood for observation.