Manny Machado a Padre

Photo by NY Post

Manny Machado Signs $300 Contract With San Diego


By David A. Avila

Young superstar Manny Machado signed a 10-year $300 million contract with the San Diego Padres to add instant credibility to the baseball organization that has not been to the playoffs since 2010.

It’s the biggest contract ever, for the time being.

Machado, 26, was one of two superstars looking for big contracts. The other is outfielder Bryce Harper who still remains a free agent.

But Machado plays shortstop and third base and many consider him of higher value. Last year he played with both the Los Angeles Dodgers and before being traded was the star of the Baltimore Orioles. Combined he hit 37 homers with 103 RBIs and hit .297. He also played remarkable shortstop and showed off an accurate gun with throws from “the hole” at shortstop that made many forget about losing Corey Seager to injury for the entire season.

Now the Miami-born Latino of Dominican descent plays for the rival of the Dodgers and adds depth to a team that already has Eric Hosmer and Wil Myers.

As a Dodger he was one of the few that hit in the clutch along with Yasiel Puig. But both Latino players were often criticized for their different way of approaching the game and now both are gone. Catcher Yasmani Grandal left via free agency and is now with Milwaukee. A year before Adrian Gonzalez was let go and now the only Latino position players remaining are Enrique Hernandez and Alex Verdugo.

The Dodgers still need a shortstop. Though Seager is back from an elbow and hip injury that needed surgery on both ailments, the question remains if he can still play shortstop? It’s a demanding position that requires both agility and a strong durable arm. With Machado those questions were answered.

Possibly on the mind of Dodger management is the availability of Kiki Hernandez and Chris Taylor who can both play shortstop if needed. Last year both filled in admirably before the team acquired Machado.