Krusher KOs Mohammedi

Krusher is dissatisfied with quick KO win. 

By Igor Frank
Las Vegas –“ It’s not my problem that fight was really short,” said light heavyweight kingpin ,Sergey Kovalev(28-0-1,25KO’S)after crushing number one contender Nadjib Mohammedi(37-4,23KO’S) within three one sided rounds on Saturday night. Paltry crowd at the Mandalay Bay Events Center erupted when Kovalev concluded the evening with a right left combination that dropped the challenger and broke his nose. Referee Kenny Bayless waved off the fight at 2:38 mark of the third stanza. 
“I tried to get this fight to go as long as possible,” said Kovalev who urged his opponent to get up and continue to fight after the first knock down in the second stanza:” But it happened just in the third round. I am sorry. I am a little bit disappointed myself. My plan was to fight him minimum seven rounds.” That plan was doomed to failure from the onset. 
Krusher did not waste any time and went on the attack behind a powerful jab. His opponent mostly spent time defending in the first stanza. Mohammedi opened up in the second, but it was to his detriment. Kovalev returned fire and dropped him and then dropped him two more times but was only credited with one knock down. The other two were considered push downs or slips by referee, Kenny Bayless.  

Awkwardness of Mohammedi almost got him through the third round; almost is the operative word. Krusher unleashed right left combination that ended the night at 2:38 of the third. Mohammedi did not beat the count and did not look like he wanted to be in the ring any more. 

"I couldn't open my eye. After the knockdown I knew I was in a fight,” said Mohammedi after the fight:” I started to catch him with shots [in the third]. Kovalev is a skilled fighter and it takes time. Unfortunately, I got a thumb in my eye." 
Unfortunately French number one contender was the only person who thought he was in the fight. It appeared to be a gross mismatch just as betting odds indicated. 
Ultra aggressive and powerful Kovalev has been going through opponents like a sharp knife through soft butter. What’s next for the Krusher? 

“My favorite fight is with WBC champ,” said Kovalev during a post fight press conference:” Who is WBC champ right now? Adonis “piece of shit” Stevenson. 
On the undercard, a former Kovalev’s victim from Canada Jean Pascal won an unpopular unanimous decision over Yunieski Gonzalez from Cuba by scores of 96-94. Most of the ringside observers had previously unbeaten Cuban winning a heart pumping ten round l thriller in the light heavyweight division. Gonzalez cried in the ring when he heard Michael Buffer announce judge’s verdict. 
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