Hollywood October 2019

Photos by Al Applerose 

Serhii Bohachuk Grabs 16th KO in 16th Fight at Hollywood



By Lauren Rodriguez


HOLLYWOOD, Calif.-It was a chilling Sunday in Hollywood as fans lined up for a stacked lineup at Tom Loeffler’s 360 Promotions “Hollywood Fight Night.” The main event of the night was the fight for the WBC Continental Americas title, between Serhii “El Flaco” Bohachuk (16-0, 16 KO’s) and Tyrone “Yung Gun” Brunson (28-8-2, 25 KO).



The highly anticipated 10-round main event kept viewers on their toes as the tough contenders went toe to toe. The first round began with a surge of aggression from Philadelphia native, Brunson, throwing powerful shots. Brunson began giving Bohachuk a fight, displaying speed and power as he worked on Bohachuk’s face and body.


Ukrainian fighter Bohachuk began working multiple angles on his opponent and quickly knocked Brunson down with a right overhand in the third round. Brunson rose before the bell rang and attempted to continue as nothing happened, throwing hooks as the round came to a close.


In the fourth round Bohachuk knocked Bronson down within the first minute, but Bronson dizzily rose. Toward the last 20 seconds of the round, it was apparent that Brunson was tiring out as his legs began to weaken. In the last 10 seconds, Bohachuk quickly knocked Brunson over again with a right uppercut, closing the fight early. The scheduled 10-round match came to an end by knockout at 2:50 of the 4th round.


“It was a good fight for me, not easy. It was good practice,” said Bohachuk.


An undefeated Bohachuk improves to 16 wins, all by knockout.



The co-main event was a super bantamweight clash between Humberto “Filly “ Rubalcava (11-2, 7 KO) and Adrian Montoya (11-0, 9 KO). The 6-round-fight was energetic from the start, both fighters displaying quick speed and footwork.


By the second round, Montoya remained the aggressor and soon had the crowd cheering out his name. In the fourth round Rubalcava came back more aggressive, creating a counter slugfest between the two. By the sixth round, the lack of punches from Rubalcava meant a need for amplification. Rubalcava put forth more energy and power, looking for a knockout to save his scorecard. As the last bell rang, the possibility of a knockout slipped away. The judge’s scores were in favor of Montoya, bringing a unanimous decision for the win.


Other bouts:


The last fight of the night, between fan favorite George Navarro (7-0-1, 3 KO) and Nestor Ramos (7-10-1, 3 KO) closed the night with a bang. Navarro, a young favorite brought out Daz Dillinger, member of Tha Dogg Pound to rap as he entered the ring. The short 4-round-fight was enough to show Navarro’s skill. Navarro’s quick hands put Ramos up to the test, throwing off the Mexico native in the first round. By the second round, Ramos came back more aggressive and quickly became tired by a more powerful Navarro. The judges scored the match a unanimous 40-36, Navarro as winner.



In the cruiserweight division, Marco Deckmann (3-1, 3 KO) and Jamel Reynolds (2-7, 1 KO) gave fans a whirlwind of excitement in a 4-round match. In the second round, German fighter, Deckmann was quick to shut down any hits. In the fourth round, Deckmann appeared in control as the crowd cheered his name and signs of Reynolds stumbling and slowing became present. In the last 17 seconds, Reynolds knocked Deckmann over with a right overhand. Deckman rose and finished the last seconds of the round, but it was apparent he had already lost.

The close match was scored 38-37, 38-36, naming Reynolds as winner.

In the super featherweight division, Adrian Corona (7-0, 1 KO) went against Emmanuel Castro (2-7-1). The 6 round-match showed technical skills from Corona, son of referee Ray Corona. Throughout the match, Corona’s footwork and improved skill were noticeable, leaving Castro unable to compare. Castro remained slower throughout the fight and often lacked power in his follow through. By the fifth round, Castro was bleeding from his left eye. The fight was scored 60-54, leaving an improved Corona undefeated with 7 wins to his name.




In the flyweight division, Christian Robles (4-0, 1 KO) went against Cesar Sustaita (3-6, 3 KO) in a 4 round match. Within the first moments of the first round, both fighters displayed quick speed. Throughout, Robles maintained his distance, working his opponent’s body and dodging counter shots. Toward the end, the fight turned into a brawl, with Sustaita getting hit in the genital region, pausing the fight. The scoring was a unanimous decision of 40-36, Robles as winner.




In the super welterweight division, Nathan Weston (6-0-2, 3 KO’s) went against Issac Freeman (3-8-2, 3 KO’s) in a four round bout. The intense bout was action packed from start to finish, both fighters displaying power and skill. Weston kept his distance, utilizing his lengthy arms throughout. Freeman was quick on his feet and attempted breaking his opponent down from different angles. The fight was scored a draw, leaving the crowd unhappy with the result.



The first fight of the night was in the middleweight division between Arman Darchinyan (Debut) and Kendall Mayes-Taylor (0-2). Darchinyan, training out of Wild Card Boxing, made his pro debut against Los Angeles native, Mayes-Taylor. The tumultuous fight began with both opponents going in for destructive jabs, working on the face and body. The four round match ended in the second round after a cross combination by Darchinyan caused the referee to call the fight to an end by knockout. Darchinyan earned his first professional knockout at 26 seconds of the second round.