GGG Wins at MSG

Photo by Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos

GGG Wins at Madison Square Garden

By Igor Frank


NEW YORK CITY- Exactly 20,546 fans packed Madison Square Garden on Saturday night to see live Gennady Golovkin battle David Lemieux in a middleweight unification bout scheduled for twelve rounds. It didn't last that long. It ended at 1:32 seconds of round number eight. Referee Steve Willis has seen enough of a massacre and stopped the fight to save Lemieux from taking any further punishment.


Lemieux was not happy about the ending of the fight. He said, "I feel like the referee called the fight too early. I am fine. When he stopped it I wasn't even on the mat, I can keep going." Perhaps the proud champion from Canada wanted to go out on his shield.


Some fans I talked to came to see a brutal knock out. From my viewpoint the referee did exactly what he got paid for, protecting a brave warrior.


Golden Boy's Bernard Hopkins who was very impressed with Golovkin's jab and who could have probably taught Lemieux a thing or two about neutralizing that weapon, praised both fighters. "David did a great job and put on a great performance. But today Golovkin was better and proved that he deserves to be the unified middleweight champion."


Surprisingly in the battle of two heavy power punchers. it was the jab that was the most important punch of the fight. It was GGG's  hard jab that pierced through the air like a laser missile rocking Lemieux time and time again.


Golovkin controlled the first stanza with a powerful jab as the crowd chanted GGG. Lemieux couldn't land a punch.  He seemed to be too far away from the target and every time he swung he hit air. GGG added a few other punches to his arsenal in the second frame, but the most surprising thing was how little he got hit. Aside from controlling the action with a jab Golovkin side-stepped or moved back just a tad to keep his opponent completely out of reach.


"David went to school today, a boxing school," said Golovkin at the post fight press conference. "It's a different class." That just about summed up the fight.


Golovkin just kept his distance and kept busting up his foe. Lemieux started to let his hands go in the third, but he still had a hard time landing. Just when I thought that Golovkin was too careful he unleashed a combination that had Lemieux on queer street, but the Canadian champion took the punishment well and kept trying to land something meaningful to change the direction of the fight.


Lemieux finally landed a couple of good right hands in the fifth, but they had no effect on Golovkin who culminated the stanza with the left hook to the body that had David squint from pain and take a knee. Lemieux beat the count and was saved by the bell, but he would be better off to stay down for the count. What followed was a complete beat  down. Lemieux was in the ring in rounds six and seven, but he was no longer in the fight, his fate predetermined. Golovkin went to the body in the eighth and final round and continued to unleash systematic carnage without return fire. That forced the ref, Steve Willis to stop the fight.


"I feel great. It was a great fight,"said Golovkin who didn't have a mark on his face afterwards. We will know for sure if the star was born when the pay per view numbers come in, but considering the reception at MSG, Gennady Golovkin is on his way to becoming a super star and a new face of boxing.


Twenty one knock outs in a row and adulation of fans around the globe. What's next for a smiling assassin from Kazakhstan?


"I want all the belts, now I have two," said Golovkin:" The winner of Cotto/Canelo for sure."


Let's put this on our wish list for 2016.


Meanwhile the unified champion said:" I am staying at 160 until I have all the belts."


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