Photo by Al Applerose

Golovkin scores KO # 20 

By Igor Frank 
LOS ANGELES- Rising star from Kazakhstan, Gennady Golovkin thrilled nearly sold out Arena at the Inglewood Forum and millions of fans watching on HBO on Saturday night when he stopped valiant warrior, Willie Monroe Jr. at the 45 second mark of 6th stanza of the middleweight championship contest scheduled for twelve rounds. 

Promoter Tom Loeffler said that no one at the 160 pound weight division could hang in there with Gennady for twelve rounds. GGG proved his words correct when he scored knock out number 20 in a row as the crowd went wild in appreciation of Big Drama Show. 
"Thank you very much home, thank you very much LA," said Golovkin (33-0, 30 KO'S) at the post fight interview with Max Kellerman:"I feel it's great. My performance is special for you. Thank you very much for my opponent. He brings a very good drama show. This present is just for you." 
The opponent, Willie Monroe Jr. (19-2,6KO'S) from Rochester, New York came out firing a sharp jab from the southpaw stance and moving around a relatively large ring as if he was running a track meet. It only took Golovkin a half of first round to dial in and start landing hard shots. A hard left hook to the temple early in the second stanza sent Monroe to the canvas as if he was hit by a baseball bat. Willie got up on shaky legs and was subjected to a brutal assault that culminated with a right hand and a second knock down. Monroe Jr. picked himself off the canvas and miraculously survived the round. 
And just when it looked like the end was near, Willie Monroe Jr. dug his hills, stopped running and began firing combinations in the center of the ring. It produced excitement for the fans and a fourth stanza where the challenger actually out landed and out fought the champion. Near the end of the fourth Monroe landed a huge left hand right on the forehead of the champ who acknowledged the shot with the wave of his fist as if to say - good, now come on, let's fight. 
"First of all I showed him who is number one, who is real champ," said Golovkin explaining action in the ring:"Second step I gave him chance, come bring big drama show let's go, let's do it. I know I didn’t lose control. This is my big present." 
Big present came in the sixth frame. GGG hurt his opponent with an uppercut and unleashed a violent combination while Willie was scrambling against the ropes like a drunken sailor. He went down on for the third time and just beat the count. Referee Jack Reiss scolded him for being late and then asked if he was ok to continue. “I am done," said Monroe:" I am done." 
“Special thank you for Willie," said Golovkin, 33:" He is a real good fighter, seriously." 
Electricity was in the air. The fight was over, but no one wanted to leave the arena. Fans got themselves in a real frenzy chanting for their hero from Kazakhstan. But the hero needs a big challenge and a big name opponent like WBC middleweight champion, Miguel Cotto or rising Mexican star, Canelo Alvarez. 
"I stay here, I wait for my big fight, “said Golovkin:"Not for future; I am ready right now for a big fight."  
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