GGG At Forum

Photo by Ray Flores

GGG Fights at Historic Inglewood Forum 
By Igor Frank

Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California also known as Fabulous Forum has a rich tradition of hosting incredible pugilistic contests. In the seventies it featured ring greats such as Alexis Arguello, Ruben Olivares, Danny” Little Red” Lopez and Bobby Chacon, just to name a few. In more recent times, like the nineties, who could forget a battle of little big men Chiquita Gonzalez and Michael Carbajal? 

Certainly not the promoter Tom Loeffler who arranged for the two former champs to be ringside this Saturday May 16th, for Gennady Golovkin’s title defense against Willie Monroe Jr. HBO will televise. 

Undefeated knock out artist from Kazakhstan, GGG is assigned to carry the torch from yesteryears glory days of boxing. He seems to be up for the task. Last appearance in California Golovkin sold out Stub Hub Center in Carson and no one complained about him ending the night and aspirations of Marco Antonio Rubio before the end of the second round. He is expected to sell out Fabulous Forum on May 16th this Saturday. 
But why do fans flock to see Golovkin, even though he is facing marginal opposition, such is Willie Monroe Jr, whose claim to fame is winning ESPN’s Boxino tournament. 

“ Anytime you get a chance to see Gennady Golovkin it’s entertaining, it’s exciting, “ said boxing scribe Kieran Mulvaney:” A lot of people watched Mike Tyson even though they knew he was going to win in the first round, just to see him win in the first round. And I think it’s gotten to that a little bit with Golovkin. People want to see Golovkin win in an exciting way even if it’s not a competitive fight.” 

In simpler terms blood thirsty boxing fans will flock to the Great Western Forum this Saturday expecting to witness another spectacular knock out. They expect violence and brutality and they do not care if it is short lived just like they didn’t care when Mike Tyson knocked out Spinks in the very first round or when Manny Pacquiao knocked out Ricky Hatton in the second round or when this past Saturday Canelo Alvarez knocked out James Kirkland in the third round. 

Forget the first rule of sweet science to hit and not get hit; fans want to see brutal knock outs. Gennady Golovkin (32-0,19KO’S) has obliged his fans nineteen times in a row so far. Is he going to be able to deliver knock out number twenty on Saturday night? 

“It’s hard to predict,” said Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler:” But I don’t think there’s anyone at 160 pounds that can go twelve rounds with Gennady. So, I think the fans like to see knock outs and that is what Able is training Gennady to do.” 

“I promise a big drama show,” said 33 years old Golovkin who recently moved his family to Los Angeles. Tune in May 16th or come out to Fabulous Forum to see it live. It should be fun while it lasts. 

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