GGG April 2016

Photo by Carlos Angel

GGG Big Drama Show Does Not Disappoint


By Igor Frank 

LOS ANGELES- A packed arena at the Fabulous Forum witnessed yet another impressive performance on Saturday night. Kazakhstani knock out machine, middleweight champion, Gennady Golovkin(35-0,32KO’S) extended his knock out streak to 22, stopping previously unbeaten, yet untested Dominic Wade(18-1,12KO’S) in two rounds. 

Two rounds! Less than two rounds, but no one complained. The crowd of 16,353 wild fans was ecstatic to witness another spectacular KO. Referee Jack Reiss stopped the contest after the third knock down at 2:37 of the second stanza. All three knock downs were courtesy of a right hand. Gracious champion bowed to the excited crowd and thanked fans in Spanish.


Raucous crowd chanted GGG as the predator with an angelic smile came out firing and stocking his prey. Wade came to fight as he was throwing combinations daring to throw to the body, but unfortunately he was vastly outgunned.  Right hand to the temple dropped undefeated fighter from Maryland at the end of the first stanza. Two more right hands in the second finished the job.


Second knock down featured something I haven’t seen before, a right hand to the side, not to the body but to the side right below the shoulder, and down Wade went. Although it is worth mentioning that the right hand was preceded by a pistol like left jab followed by left uppercut. Final knock down was more conventional; it was a right cross on the chin. This time referee reached a count of ten, even though it did not seem necessary.


And so the boxing world awaits Canelo vs. Golovkin for all the marbles in middleweight division. Is it going to happen?


“It doesn't matter who wins just give me my belt”, said Golovkin after the fight referring to the upcoming Canelo-Kahn WBC middleweight title fight.


On the undercard, little giant Roman Gonzalez (45-0,38KO’S) dominated very tough and extremely determined opponent from Puerto Rico, McWilliams Arroyo (16-3,14KO’s). Even though Chocolatito dominated the fight, he had to work extra hard to earn his paycheck on Saturday night. “It was a very difficult fight,” said Gonzalez, 28:” McWilliams moves very well and was able to avoid the punches.” Of course, it didn’t stop Chocolatito from throwing. He kept his usual pace and threw over a thousand punches. Little big man is fun to watch.


Fun to watch were two female fights that began the night at the Forum. They were not televised. East LA’s favorite daughter, Seniesa Estrada out boxed (6-0,1KO) a very tough and determined Selene Lopez (3-5-3,1KO) from Mexicali.. Tijuana’s Kenia Enriquez (16-1,8KO’S) destroyed her former sparring partner from San Diego, Amaris Quintana(9-3-2,1KO0 in four one side rounds.


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