GGG and Canelo gallery by Al Applerose

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez challenged Gennady "GGG" Golovkin for the sole rights to the middleweight crown on Saturday Sept. 16, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. It was expected to be a titanic confrontation and met those expectations.

Golovkin was constantly on attack and found success early with his strong left jab. But Canelo countered just enough to keep Triple G thinking. 

When Canelo was hit with a tremendous blow he invited GGG to continue. But Triple G was always wary of traps set by the redhead fighter from Mexico.

During one furious exchange Triple G stumbled as Canelo watched. The crowd roared sensing a knockout, but Golovkin regained his footing and the battle continued on equal terms in front of more than 22,000 rabid fans.

Everyone smiled at the post fight press conference. Canelo had proved he was good enough to challenge the mighty GGG and was happy that the fight proved worthy. A rematch seems in store as Canelo said it would probably be in May 2018.

Canelo Alvarez proved early that his skills could nullify the tremendous punching power of Triple G and that he could muster enough offense to keep the undefeated middleweight from over-running him.

When both fighters fought in close quarters it was explosive and usually ended with both landing and missing equally. Both showed they perhaps have the best chins in the boxing business.

Canelo was effective in landing his patented right counter. It was his most effective punch throughout the 12-round middleweight clash.

Both GGG and Canelo raised their hands in victory both believing that had won the epic encounter. But the judges were split three ways and the 12 round world title fight ended in a draw.

Triple G was happy he maintains his hold on the middleweight world title. He waved goodbye to the media content that he gave his all.