Fonfara KO Win

Photo by JP Yim

The Polish Prince dethrones the Mexican one. 

By Igor Frank

CARSON, Ca. - If only Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. listened to his legendary father… Few children do.  As it turned out on Saturday night at The Stub Hub Center in Southern California, JCC Jr took on bigger, stronger, better skilled and younger, Andrzej Fonfara at a weight he has never fought before. He got thoroughly beaten up and didn’t come out for the tenth round.  

Junior’s trainer Joe Goossen said it was his idea to stop the fight, because he didn’t like what he saw, but I saw Chavez Jr. telling his trainer that he had enough. Whoever’s it was a very good idea since Julio was taking a real beating and  was dropped for the very first time in his career with a brutal left hook at the tail end of the ninth stanza. 
“Maybe 170,172 pounds is too big for me,” said badly bruised Chavez Jr who was taken to a hospital after the fight for precautionary measures:”Maybe I’ll go back down. I’m not sure what my future holds. It was a very tough fight. But I congratulate Andrzej.” 
It was obvious to everyone in the arena from the onset that Fonfara was a bigger and stronger fighter.  Everyone including victorious Fonfara who said: “I knew he was a tough fighter, quick and in good shape but when he hit me for the first time in the first round, I knew I was going to win this fight. He didn’t punch as hard as everybody said he did. “ 
Polish light heavyweight contender utilized his height and reach advantage and mounted an attack behind a crisp jab. JCC Jr. didn’t look quick; he looked like a little boy lost in the woods, especially after he realized that his punches had very little effect on his opponent. He complained to the referee Jerry Cantu about every little thing, but veteran from Southern California did not give in to Mexican boxing royalty’s unreasonable requests, for the most part. He did penalize Fonfara for shoulder push in the seventh stanza, but by that time it was obvious that this penalty would have very little effect on the outcome of the fight. 
Fonfara (27-3,16KO’S) who got into a conciense of boxing fans last year when he extended hard punching, WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson twelve rounds and even dropped him late in the fight. 
“I know there are things I can still work on in training to become a more complete boxer,” said Fonfara, 27:” but tonight was a dream come true. I want a rematch with (Light Heavyweight World Champion) Adonis Stevenson.” 
Indeed, the Polish Prince put on an inspired performance and suddenly seems worthy of a rematch with a champion. He boxed well and moved well; controlled the distance, fired a powerful jab over and over again and showered a seemingly defenseless Chavez Jr. with barrage of punches round after round.JCC Jr. had no answers. He lead dangerously with his head instead of his fists and even when he got close to deliver his famous left hook to the body he was outworked and out muscled on the inside by the bigger man.  
“I saw his punches easily coming in,’ said Fonfara:” I know I threw more punches. I was a little surprised that he did not come out for the (10th) but he was cut, had been getting beat up and had just got knocked down, so he knew what would happen if he came out.”  
Nobody else was surprised, especially not JCC Jr. in fact Julio insisted on staying on his seat and not coming out for the 10th frame. 
Chavez Jr. (48-2-1,32KO’S) suffered only a second loss of his professional career and perhaps a serious blow to his reputation. At the age of 29 it is back to a drawing board and a time for serious contemplation and reevaluation. 
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