Emilio Sanchez

Photo by Al Applerose

Emilio Sanchez Back on Track With KO in L.A.


By Tarrah Zael


LOS ANGELES-Emilio Sanchez came back and reclaimed his victory after the first upset in his career, a knockout loss against Eugene Lagos at Fantasy Springs back in March, in a featherweight main event on Friday, at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, CA.


Sanchez (17-1, 12 KOs) was the aggressor throughout the battle against his counter Christopher Martin (30-11-3, 10 KOs) and eventually it was called to a halt at the end of round five by referee Jack Reiss.


By round two, Sanchez simply outclassed his counter and was the stronger more technical fighter.  Both fighters stayed in the pocket but Sanchez rocked Martin with his double uppercuts and multiple combinations. Sanchez dropped Martin in the third round by one too many uppercuts.


After multiple straight punches and body shots with no response from Martin the battle was sure to not have lasted all eight rounds. By round four, Sanchez dominated with body shots and we saw Martin continue to struggle and answer Sanchez punches.


By the fifth round, we saw Sanchez have a little fun with Martin, but at the end of the fifth round the fight was over, Sanchez was the clear victor in the featherweight battle with a TKO win over Martin.


This was Sanchez first fight with famed trainer Joel Diaz, I felt fast and strong. This was my first fight after moving up to 126 pounds. I was working on landing my uppercuts and shots to the body, says Sanchez, I want to return as soon as possible.


The co-main event of the night was a rather longer than expected bout, Emmanuel Morales (7-3, 4 KOs) of Puerto Rico fell by a unanimous decision to Hector Tanajara (15-0, 5 KOs) of San Antonio.


The first round Morales was clearly hurt by Tanajaras power, even though a perfect uppercut to Tanajaras chin was exchanged. Tanajara connected hard blows to the body and then to the head of Morales meanwhile staying calm and getting into his rhythm.


By round four, we saw both scrappers exchange punches, but Tanajara’s punches landed more effectively. Morales tended to have some trouble as his right eye started to get puffy and close. Passion was behind both pugilists after all eight rounds in the lightweight battle, all three judges scored the bout at 80-72.


He was really taking all of my punches. He was a really tough opponent. I need to work on not letting people hold me on the inside, but overall happy with the fight, says Tanajara Jr.


In the television opener of the night, a super lightweight battle consisted of two boxers determined to showcase their technique and ability to be in the ring. Guillaume Lorenzo (2-2) of France fell short under the power of Raymond Muratalla (5-0, 3 KO) from Fontana, CA in a four-round super lightweight battle.


Muratalla administered his power in the earlier rounds upon the nose of Lorenzo, causing a spur of blood to draw. Instead of falling into the trap and aggressive manner of Lorenzo, Muratalla who is trained by Joel Diaz, stayed calm and determined by carefully watching his opponent. A quick counter right floored Lorenzo in the third round during an exchange.


By round four, Muratalla confidently let his hands low and continued to dominate over his opponent. After four rounds of body shots and straight punches over his, the judges scored the fight at 40-35 for Muratalla.


“He had a good chin, so it was hard to get him out,” says Muratalla, “it was good, and I had fun”.


Other bouts


The youngest of the three Acevedo brothers, Oscar Acevedo (4-0) won by unanimous decision over Gerardo Molina (2-5, 1 KO) of Mexico in a four-round lightweight bout. Just like his older brothers, Herbert and Richard who also are professional boxers from Kansas, Acevedo showed the crowd he was the more powerful brawler of the two in the ring. This quickly made Molina apprehensive and frustrated.


By the third round, we saw Acevedo slow his aggression than the first two, but still showing his power. Molina barely answered back with any punches. The fourth and final round brought back aggression from Acevedo with powerful uppercuts keeping Molina in the corner. Molina was tired and it was visible. At the sound of the final bell, all three judges scored the fight 40- 36 for Acevedo.


First bout of the night, has Juan Sandoval (7-22-1, 9-2 KO) of San Bernardino, CA (7-22, 4 KO) trying to find his way amongst Philippines own Recky Dulay (11-3, 8- 2 KO) in a scheduled six round lightweight battle. Dulay immediately came out of his corner ready to study his opponent. His perfect left hook to the chin over Sandoval determined the rest of the rounds, nonchalantly.


Round two saw Dulay a little more aggressive for the simple fact that he was head-butted from his opponent Sandoval. He had a way to counter and angle out of Sandovals punches that easily unfolded his fault of being off balance. By round three Dulay was looking for a knockout opportunity meanwhile staying on top of Sandoval keeping him on the ropes. As much as Sandovals heart was in the fight, he wasn’t able to directly get to Dulay and frustration got the best of him. Finally, only 35 seconds into round five a stellar knockout punch by Dulay put Sandoval on the canvas, thus ending the bout.