Duno and Robles Win

Photo by Uppercut Staff

Duno Wins NABO and Robles Wins NABF at Fantasy Springs



By Lauren Rodriguez


INDIO, Ca.- The gusty winds of Indio valley brought not only eyefuls of desert sands, but sore eyes to fans and fighters who could not close their eyes, to the night of knockouts and defeats.


The main event of the night ended one round early, as an accidental head butt between Juan Rodriguez (30-7, 26 Kos) and Romero Duno (19-1, 15 Kos) brought the 9th round to an early close. The main event that brought viewers all the way to the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino ended in technical decision, naming orthodox fighter Duno, as NABO lightweight champion.


The battle began as promising for the two fighters who managed to keep up speeds, at times mirroring each others energy, rhythm and blows. As glove hit glove, the two proved they would match each with jab for jab.


By the third round, a legal punch from Duno resulted in blood shed to the left eye area of Rodriguez. The blood fall was a minor inconvenience to Rodriguez, as he managed to keep Duno on the ropes for a bounty of seconds, while he served a vengeful fury of jabs to Duno.


In the 9th round, Rodriguez could not maintain his energy, as an accidental head butt in the 4th and 9th round took a toll on the southpaw fighter. The injuries sustained, left Rodriguez stumbling and unable to finish the fight.


The technical decision ended in scores 84-84, 85-84 and 86-83, naming Dun NABO lightweight champion of the night.





The duel between orthodox fighter Manny Robles III (17-0, 8 KO’s) and southpaw Rigoberto Hermosillo (11-0-1, 8 KO’s), left Robles undefeated as the Los Angeles fighter took home the NABF featherweight title.


The first round began as an energetic one for Hermosillo who appeared eager and fierce, as he charged against Robles. The quick fury by Hermosillo, was soon telling of a buzzing fly, at a calm and collected panther, as Hermosillo was swiftly knocked to the ground, stunning the crowd. The action packed introduction ended in the flesh breaking legal punch from Robles, leaving Mexican fighter Hermosillo with blood shed.


By the 4th round it was clear that Hermosillo’s slip-up in the first round, would not be seen again, as he used his lengthy arms to his advantage. This advantage of length for Hermosillos, was too an advantage for Robles, who used the open gaps as room for body shots and uppercuts. Where he could not go in distance, Robles made up for in speed, dancing around the ring and at times leaving Hermosillo fighting rope.


The match seemed close to some, including fans of Hermosillo who instantly cheered before the title winner could be announced, leaving them stunned and angry, as their cheers quickly became boos.


The final score ultimately came down to the knockdown of Hermosillo in the first round. One judge tabbed it 95-94 for Hermosillo with the other two judges scoring it 97-92 and 96-93 for Robles who won the NABF featherweight title by split decision.





The battle of super lightweights between Genaro Gamez (8-0, 5KO’s) and Daniel Evangelista (20-9-2, 16, KO’s) began and ended in knockout, as Evangelista was quickly knocked down twice within the first round. The round ended at 2:43, leaving San Diego fighter, Genaro Gamez as the undefeated victor.


Other bouts


In the lightweight division between Pedro Navarrette (30-23-3, 19 KO’s) and Carlos Morales (17-4-3, 6 KO’s), the shorts on Morales weren’t the only thing that sparkled as he proved to be quick footed and quick with his hands. From the beginning to the end, Morales continued to stretch his arms to lengths that Navarette could not dodge. By round 3 it was evident, that Morales could match every one of Navarrette’s attempts with a powerful punch while Navarette continued to dance. Navarette’s need to dance for air, made it evident that a win for Morales was a round, if not seconds away.


By round 5, many were surprised to see Navarratte still standing, as his failed attempts at a solid blow to Morales did not go unnoticed. The first seconds of the 5th round commenced with a blow to the head of Navarette, spraying sweat across the ring, as Navarette tirelessly aimed to keep up with Morales’ quick feet and quicker hands. At times it appeared as though Morales was giving Navarette extra seconds to come back, waiting for an impactful punch that never came. What was supposed to be an 8 round event, but should have ended sooner, closed with a knockout at 2:02 of the 5th round, an inevitable win for Morales who sparkled throughout.


The featherweight match between Sean Garcia (3-0, 1 KO) and Martin Cardona (26-19, 18 KO’s) ended in technical knockout in the 2nd round as Cardona’s corner decided to stop the fight. The fight leaves Victorville fighter Sean Garcia, undefeated as he took home his 4th win.


The 6 round bout between super featherweights Diuhul Olguin (13-12-3, 9 KO’s) and Tenochitian Nava (7-1, 1 KO), ended in a redemption victory for Olguin who had lost 3 fights prior. The quarrel of blockades and body blows was a crowd pleaser for fans of both who could be heard cheering throughout the event center.


In the first fight of the night, between super welterweights, fighter Kevin Anton of Palmdale, CA made his pro debut against Lashawn Alcocks (1-5) of Queens, NY.

The fight ended after 53 seconds of the 2nd round with Anton as the winner.