Bohachuk Belts Marin

Photo by Alonzo Coston

Bohachuk Mauls Marin and Other Results from Hollywood



By Lauren Rodriguez


HOLLYWOOD, CA.-It was a gut wrenching night at the Hollywood Avalon, where fans came out to see rising prospects at the 360 Promotions Hollywood fight night on Sunday.


The event that headlined the night was between rising star, Ukrainian Serhii “El Flaco” Bohachuck (14-0, 14 KO’s) and Mexican warrior, Fernando Marin (16-3-3, 12 KO’s). This bout was the knockout star, Bohachuck’s first 10-round scheduled bout.


Boachuck, training out of Big Bear, CA had total control throughout the fight, landing almost every hit to his tough opponent. Marin gave Bohachuck some action, throwing in jabs and hooks when possible.


It was evident throughout the fight that, although being able to take and respond to the heavy hitters thrown by Bohachuck, Marin could not execute as many solid hits.


The fight was stopped in the third round after a very skilled Bohachuck easily out landed an excessive amount of hits on his tiring opponent, which forced the referee to bring the fight to a close.


“This opponent was really strong I was hitting him hard and he was still standing,” said Bohachuck, after his win.


This is Bohachucks 15th consecutive win and knockout. The undefeated rising star is being compared to Kazakhstani middleweight world champion, Gennadiy “Triple G” Golovkin (39-1-1, 25 KO’s). Golovkin is known for his long range of consecutive wins, with 35 knockouts to his name.


With Bohachuk’s rising notoriety for his skill and continuous knockouts, he is becoming a spectacle for boxing fans, bringing promise of a great boxing career.





In the super featherweight division, Adrian Corona (5-0) went against Francisco “Bebe” Camacho (7-11-1, 3 KO’s). Within the first round, Corona displayed control, remaining calm and strategic with his throws. Camacho proved to put up a fight for Corona, dancing along the ropes, switching stances and landing several right-hand jabs.


Corona, son of boxing referee Ray Corona, brought more power to the fight in the fourth round, landing several right hands and a left-hook to his opponent. The round quickly turned to a brawl, the two exchanging hit for hit and spilling blood.


In the sixth round, Camacho began tipping over, failing to exert any power into his punches. It was a right hand followed by a left hook from Corona that moved referee Zachary Young to bring the fight to a halt at 2:24 of round six.


This is Coronas first knock out of his career. The 19-year old moves to 6 wins and zero losses, leaving Corona undefeated.


Other bouts:


In the super bantamweight division, the six round bout between Ricky “El Carterito” Cuellar (5-3, 3 KO’s) and fan favorite, Alexander Enriquez (10-0-3, 1 KO) went the distance. The two fighters put on a show for fans that could be heard screaming throughout the theater. From beginning to end, the two exchanged powerful blows, simultaneously throwing punches. The bout quickly turned into a brawl, causing Enriquez to fall over in the fourth round. By the sixth round, it was anyone’s fight, both attacking full force and throwing counter blows before the final bell rang. The fight was scored, 59-55, 58-56 and 58-56, Enriquez as winner. This is Enriquez’s 11th win, with zero losses and 3 draws.



The six round bout between lightweights Mario “El Matador” Ramos (8 and Emmanuel “Man-E” Castro had fans screaming from their seats. The first round of the fight started off great for Ramos who landed more hits than his opponent Castro. By the fifth round, Castro stepped up his energy and became increasingly more aggressive. The two fighters kept the fight close, exerting every ounce of energy as they went for blood. The round was gut wrenching for onlookers as blood and sweat could be seen splattering the ropes. The fight was scored 57-57, 59-55 and 58-56, which placed Ramos as majority decision winner.


In the cruiserweight division, Keith Berry (2-2, 2 KO’s) of Orange County went against Berlin born Marco Deckman (2-0, 2 KO’s). Within the first seconds of the starting bell, Berry was quick to be the aggressor, lunging toward and toppling Deckman toward the ropes, before attacking with jabs. By the second round, Deckman, who is currently training under Freddie Roach out of Wildcard Boxing Gym, quickly knocked Berry down.  He rose and was knocked down again. It was a right hand that executed the third and final knock down that closed the fight at 1:37 of the second round. This is Deckman’s third professional win and knockout, leaving the German prospect undefeated.


In a super bantamweight bout, Mexican fighter Luis Javier Valdes (5-2-1, 1 KO) went against California native, Humberto “Filly” Rubaclava (10-1, 7 KO’s).

Rubaclava, who fights out of Whittier, made his third appearance fighting at Hollywood Fight nights. The returning prospect displayed his speed, solid form and technique as he made it difficult for Valdes to land an impactful hit within the first two rounds. By the third round, Mexican native Valdes picked up his intensity, adding more jabs to his strategy. The fight ended after 6 rounds, with a score of 60-54 that named Rubaclava as winner. Rubaclava improves to 11 wins, 7 by way of knockout.



The featherweight fight between Andre “Little Giant” Marquez (0-1) and Haitian fighter Luscnor “Zoe the Panther” Discerne (0-3-1) entailed four gut-wrenching rounds. As the first round commenced, Marquez began viciously attacking Discerne at every angle. At times, Discerne’s attempts appeared messy and aimless. As the fight progressed, Marquez proved to be quick with his hands, landing powerful jabs against a resistant Discerne. The fight was scored a unanimous decision of 40-36, giving Marquez his first professional win.


The super middleweight fight between Donte Stubbs (2-0) and Francisco Alfaro (0-2) had the crowd crying out at every hit. As the fight intensified, it was evident that Stubbs had the quicker hands and more developed technique of the two. By the second round, Alfaro landed several hits to the body of his opponent and eventually knocking the mouthpiece out of Stubbs’ mouth. The close fight ended in a unanimous decision of 39-37, Stubbs as an undefeated winner, adding a third win to his professional career.


The opening bout of the night was between Mexican heavyweights, Hugo “Vikingo” Trujillo (4-1-1, 2 KO’s) and Elvis Garcia Munoz (7-0, 5 KO’s). Through the six-round bout, the heavyweights proved their endurance, tiring each other out with their heavy hits. The fight ended in a majority decision, scoring Garcia as winner. This is the eighth consecutive win for Garcia who remains undefeated.