Layla McCarter vs. Diana Prazak in BKB 2 Event

By David A. Avila

Many call Layla McCarter the best female boxer in the world and have for the last six years, but outside of the small insular world of female boxing, she remains virtually unknown.

While many know MMA’s Ronda Rousey, it would be almost impossible to find those who know McCarter.

McCarter (36-13-5, 8 Kos) wants to change all of that by entering the fearsome pit against one of the best punchers in the world Diana Prazak (13-3, 9 Kos) on Saturday April 4, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Big Knockout Boxing promotes the fight card that will also be televised on pay-per-view.

It’s a new fighting concept that began last summer in the same venue. Fighters enter an actual pit via a ramp. The circular pit does not have ring ropes like a boxing ring and is sloped upward all around. For this event some added features include fight gloves that are hooked up with sensors to evaluate the speed and power of each punch generated by the fighters. Fans will be able to witness the power generated by each fighter.

BKB hopes to develop a form of fighting that puts more emphasis on fan friendly knockouts than winning stylishly by points. There is no grappling or kicking allowed.
McCarter and Prazak are the first female fighters to participate in a BKB event. Both are highly capable of knocking each other out.

“Layla is a very good boxer with power in her punches,” said Prazak, who is originally from Australia but now lives in Los Angeles. “Whenever I fight above my weight class I have problems. All of my losses have been at 135 so we’re fighting at a catch weight of 133.”

Prazak, 35, trains under the guidance of Lucia Rijker who many consider the greatest female fighter of all time. The soft-spoken Aussie lets her power do the talking. Her last two wins came by bone crushing knockouts including a showdown with fellow Aussie Shannon O’Connell a year ago. In a fight before that Prazak blasted out Frida Wallberg in a title fight in Sweden. 
Wallberg nearly lost her life from the injuries sustained from the hard-hitting Prazak. 

“It was wonderful to fight Shannon in front of my fans,” said Prazak who won by fifth round knockout over O’Connell in Melbourne. “But not so wonderful against Frida.”
McCarter, 35, knows all about Prazak’s power and promises that their premier female fight for BKB will end in a knockout. McCarter has not lost a fight in eight years and has world titles in multiple weight divisions including the junior middleweight division.

“The promoters know that women bring the action,” said the Las Vegas-based McCarter who has family in Riverside. “I’m looking to do something impressive. But I need to be sharp and stay clear of her big shots. I’ve got to respect her power.”

McCarter also thinks the pit could be a perfect scenario for a showdown with UFC’s Rousey.

“She’s cleaning up the girls in MMA she should try boxing,” said McCarter. “I hear she’s pretty good at it.”
The BKB fight card will be televised on pay-per-view at $29.95.

Fights on television

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Sat. Fox Sports 1, 1 p.m., Chad Mendes (16-2) vs. Ricardo Lamas (15-3).
Sat. pay-per-view, 7 p.m., Gabe Rosado (21-9) vs. Curtis Stevens (27-5); Layla McCarter (36-13-5) vs. Diana Prazak (13-3); Javier Garcia (10-3-2) vs. Jonathan Chicas (13-2).