Best Female Boxers

Female Fighter of the Year and More 2014

By David A. Avila

Unless you watch Spanish language television female fighting is virtually nonexistent. Rarely are women fights televised. But they do exist and the sport of female boxing continues to grow worldwide. Here are some of the best female fighters in the world in 2014.

Female Fighter of the Year
Delfine Persoon
European female prizefighters tend to play it safe and only face those they can absolutely defeat. Belgium’s Persoon did the opposite and fought two women who are considered among the top dozen pound for pound female fighters in the world. First she faced Argentina’s undefeated Erica Farias the lightweight champion and managed to defeat the pressure fighter. Then she faced Australia’s Diana Prazak a knockout punching woman with dynamite in both fists. Persoon stopped Prazak in the ninth round. Persoon began boxing professionally in 2009 and has lost only once and that was back in 2010. Her two wins over Prazak and Farias are reason enough to make her the Female Fighter of the Year in 2014.

Best Female Fight of the Year 
Delfine Persoon vs. Erica Farias 
Persoon held the WIBF lightweight titlist and Argentina’s Erica Farias held the WBC lightweight title and the two female champions met in Zwevezele, Belgium on April 20. Farias, a strong pressure fighter attacked from the beginning and never let up. But after 10 rounds Persoon edged Farias in a scrappy affair to become the queen of the very talented female lightweight division. It was the best female fight of the year and proved Persoon’s talent at a very high level. Farias moved up a weight division and is now the female junior welterweight champion.

Knockout of the Year  
Amanda Serrano Kos Maria Elena Maderna
Brooklyn’s Amanda Serrano fearlessly traveled to Argentina in August to meet the female WBO lightweight titlist Maria Elena Maderna. It’s almost impossible to win a fight by decision in Argentina but Serrano had no plans to win in that manner. Instead the hard-hitting Boricua fired a short right hook that floored Maderna 54 seconds into the sixth round. Maderna failed to beat the count and shook her head signaling to the referee that she did not want to continue.  

Best Pure Boxer  
Layla McCarter 
Las Vegas lightweight “Amazing” Layla McCarter has not lost a fight since April 2007. Now 35, she’s one of the very few female boxers with more than 50 bouts in her career. She’s won multiple world titles beginning at featherweight up to junior middleweight. McCarter is really a lightweight but her skill set is so amazing that she can beat probably any female boxer at any weight. She recently defeated the very talented Melissa Hernandez by decision. McCarter hopes to fight Delfine Persoon or Cecilia Braekhus if they dare.

Best Knockout Puncher  
Amanda Serrano
Brooklyn’s Serrano has power in either fist and knows it. The Puerto Rican fights as a southpaw and has knocked out girls with right hooks or her lethal left cross. Of the 24 opponents she’s faced 17 have been knocked out at the hands of Serrano. She’s female boxing’s version of Gennady Golovkin and has some boxing skills too. Her knockout of Maria Maderna to win the WBO lightweight title was impressive.

Most exciting fighter 
Shindo Go 
The Japanese flyweight lost her WBC flyweight title to Mexico’s Arely Mucino but once again she brought the crowd to their feet with another hair-raising toe-to-toe clash in Mexico. Go appeared once in Ontario, Calif. when she fought Mariana Juarez at Citizens Business Bank Arena. She’s never been stopped in a fight and has nine knockouts on her resume. Her offense is her defense. 

Fastest rising young fighter 
Kenia Enriquez 
The Tijuana prizefighter zoomed out of the gate and now has the WBO flyweight world title. She has speed, agility and power for her size. Enriquez, 21, also captured fans with her bubbly personality to go with her outstanding boxing skills. The flashy Enriquez has fought several times in San Diego.