Berchelt Wins Title (all photos by Al Applerose)

Miguel Berchelt had nothing to lose and opened up quickly against the WBC super featherweight world champion Francisco "El Bandido" Vargas. He landed early with uppercuts and long left hands at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California.

Once Vargas targeted the body, it left the head open for attack. Vargas soon was opening up a head and body attack and regained momentum in the world title fight.

With two cuts alongside both eyes Vargas was unable to defend against the nonstop attack by Berchelt who had never gone more than six rounds in his career. But the newcomer kept attacking and soon had Vargas with both hands down in the 11th round. The fight was stopped and Berchelt had finally given Vargas his first loss as a pro.

Vargas was not a two-time Fighter of the Year participant for nothing. He quickly adapted to Berchelt's tactics and took the fight inside. He began targeting the body and that slowed down the fighter from Cancun, Mexico.

Berchelt was able to use his long left hands to score often from the outside. Soon Vargas had problems with cuts to both eyes. The tide changed again in the fight. The crowd was intense with anticipation. Could Vargas win yet another thriller?

An exhausted Berchelt was excited with his victory that few foresaw. The crowd had seen a great fight and a new champion was crowned at Fantasy Springs Casino. Once again a Fight of the Year candidate was staged by Golden Boy Promotions on HBO.