Bam Bam Wins Trilogy

Rios ends trilogy with a three round destruction of Alvarado 

By Igor Frank 

DENVER, CO. – In the main event of the evening televised live by HBO, a final chapter of historic boxing trilogy between Brandon “ Bam Bam” Rios and Mike “Mile High” Alvarado was written in front of a packed house of 5,980 fans at the 1STBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado.   
Rios administered a vicious beating and scored a decisive three round stoppage win. Alvarado simply didn’t show up. The crowd treated their home fighter as a red headed step child. They booed his lack of effort and threw cups at him when Mike tried to leave the arena. I think it is fair to say that the final chapter of this historic boxing trilogy was a disappointment.  
One of the few people that were not disappointed was Rios who was very satisfied with his performance.” This could have been the end of my career and I didn’t want that to happen and I didn’t want it to end like this, said Rios in a post-fight interview:” I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. He is a warrior and I had to take my time and be patient.” 
Actually it looked easy. Rios came out with an intense look in his eyes. He dominated Alvarado behind a powerful jab, hurt him and busted him up at the end of the first stanza. Bam Bam continued the two fisted assault as the crowd chanted his name. He was overwhelming Alvarado when the fighter from Denver went below the belt and dropped Rios on his knees. Referee Jay Nady warned Alvarado. Rios continued his assault and dropped Alvarado with barrage of punches that culminated with right uppercut in the third. “The uppercut is my favorite punch,” explained Rios, 28:” I love my uppercut and I have one of the best uppercuts in the world and I threw it.” 
Alvarado barely beat the count and continued to fight back, but it was exercise in futility. The fight was stopped in between rounds three and four. Doctor asked Mike how many fingers he saw showing him 2 fingers, Alvarado said four. Doctor asked referee Jay Nady to stop the fight. And just like that it was over. 
“He hit me with an uppercut in my eye and I couldn’t see,” explained Alvarado after the fight:” My vision was not there so I decided to make the call. He hit me perfectly on my eye and I couldn’t see. I could have showed heart but I’m not done yet at all. I’ll be back. I guarantee to everyone in this place I’ll be back.” 
Considering three crushing defeats in a row it is hard to imagine Mile High Mike being back, at least on the elite level. However the future seems bright for Bam Bam Rios who looked like his old devastating self.” My manager, Cameron Dunkin is one of the best in the world,” Rios said:” And he gets the best fights out there, so whatever he says to do I will do it. I am a fighter and I am a warrior and I will fight anybody.”