Aztec Queen Wins

Photo by Robert Elizondo

Selina "Aztec Queen" Barrios Wins Battle of Undefeated



By Tarrah Zael


San Antonio’s Selina “Aztec Queen” Barrios (4-0, 2 KO) continued her undefeated record on Saturday with a stellar one punch knockout to Kazakhstan’s Aida “Lady Sparta” Satybaldinova (3-1-1) at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.


The knockout was devastating to watch as “Lady Sparta’s” body flopped to the canvas after the clean left hook to her chin ended the battle at 1:24 in the fourth round.


From the sound of the first bell the fight started exactly as anticipated, both fighters came towards each other throwing punches. After the first round of flurries calmed down, both brawlers got into the rhythm of their game plan. Although neither one backed down, it was Barrios who landed the more powerful and connecting punches throwing Satybaldinova off her feet multiple times.


The lightweight bout was scheduled for eight rounds, but by round two the heart wrenching fight was extremely visible of who would come out on top.


You have to give credit to Satybaldinova for having tremendous heart and her ability to land a few of her punches to the chin of Barrios. But, for Barrios, the one with the more experience in the ring, did exactly what she prepared for and that was to deliver an exciting match between the two undefeated lightweights.


When you have both brawlers coming into the fight ready for action, one of those fighters needs to adjust their game plan, “after feeling her out in the first couple of rounds, I knew I was going to land a big shot at some point,” Barrios explains, “when I landed that left hook, I knew she wasn’t going to get up… she walked right into it”. “and if she wants the rematch. I’ll give it to her.”


As for Satybaldinova, “I fought hard but didn’t get the victory tonight. I hope to fight Selina again in a rematch.”

Watching the skill and experience of Barrios take action in this fight was refreshing, because you see the adjustments she had to make with a fighter that openly comes forward and brings the heat. Many could say Barrios delivered the “Knockout of the year”, and re-watching the fourth round over and over, I could say so myself.


Because of her experience in the amateurs, Barrios recently came back to the sport after some time away from boxing but, now as a professional. She has a successful amateur background and has beat some of the top women as an amateur and now wants to fight them in the pros. After her awesome victory win over Aida, she called them all out:


“I want to call out all of the women fighting in the lightweight division. You might have took the Olympics from me, but you can’t run from me now” says Barrios, “Katie Taylor and Mikaela Mayer, you can’t hide forever, im coming for y’all”. The “Aztec Queen” even beat professional boxing sensation Mikaela Mayer as an amateur.


She may have been out of the boxing scene for a little while. But, after her knockout win over Aida last night, the Texas-based boxer is definitely making noise in her division that can’t go unnoticed. Selina “Aztec Queen” Barrios is not a fighter to sleep on. She’s humble, quiet and sticks to herself but this is her sport. And she will do what she came to do and that’s to shake up boxing in a way that everyone will know who the “Aztec Queen” is.