Another Look at La Cobra

Photo by Al Applerose

Another Look at  Cobra, Norato and Others in L.A. Area



By Tarrah Zael


CITY OF INDUSTRY, Ca.-Local Los Angeles favorites sold out an All-Star boxing show at the Pacific Palms Resort in the City of Industry, and reminded me all over again, why I loved the sport of boxing.

The first bout of the night made me smile amusingly, every fighter and fight is different.


The ambitious pugilist out of the red corner, Jack Grady (0-8-1, 0-4 KO, reminded me of “Danger” from the movie Million Dollar Baby. He looked mad and ready to fight, the first bell rang and he moved forward towards his opponent, Arthur Saakyan (3-0, 2 KO), switching his stances and smiling. It wasn’t long until Saakyan knocked the smile off his face with an overhand right in the clench forcing Grady to stumble. In the second round, Saakyan did it again with a left hook that hurt Grady as he fell to the floor. After Grady got up from the canvas he hesitated fiercely and Saakyan took full advantage of it. Saakyan threw a flurry of punches knocking his opponent down again, and the referee made the rightful decision to stop the fight at 2:14 in the second round. It was a quick first bout of the night but that’s the beauty of boxing, every fight is different. Watching Grady get upset at the decision showed his true passion and love for the sport as well.


In the main event of the night, Los Angeles Native, Michael Norato (6-0, 2 KO) inherited a knockout over Garden Grove’s Alejandro Ochoa (8-17, 1-3). Ochoa’s request to stop the contest at 1:03 in round five was a surprise for the crowd as well as his opponent. The adrenaline and energy was high throughout the room, so the stoppage of the fight was upsetting. Ochoa showed his ability to catch Norato with his aggressive style but Norato proved his intelligence by staying calm against his aggressor. Norato, the crowd favorite, threw a combination of punches on his opponent creating a bloody fifth and final round. Although Ochoa had a huge heart from the moment he stepped into the ring, he posed no challenge for the skilled and stronger Norato.


Adelaida “La Cobra” Ruiz (6-0, 3 KO) continues her undefeated record with her sixth consecutive win over Karla “La Princesa” Valenzuela (3-20, 1-6 KO). In the scheduled six-round bantamweight co-main event, Ruiz started the fight with great technical style. You can tell from the first rounds of the fight who possessed more skill, and that was Ruiz. Since Valenzuela kept the tone of lightly touching and moving from her opponent, she couldn’t quite connect. This allowed Ruiz to take advantage of this fault in the ring. While perfectly timing Valenzuela’s attack, Ruiz countered with six hooks to the head forcing her challenger to move and get away. But, Ruiz a.k.a. “La Cobra” deemed to be too much for “La Princesa” as she stayed on top of her tagging her with straight punches. As her corner watched on they prematurely stepped in to stop the fight in the fourth round, thus ending the fight with a knockout for  “La Cobra”. Just like the reptile Cobra, “La Cobra” from Los Angeles used her speed and agility to take home the knockout decision win over her prey.


Other Bouts


A first-round knockdown put Julio Cesar Rizo (0-2, 2 KO) on the mat from a quick left hook to the chin administered by Ruben Campos (4-0, 3 KO).  Rizo, whom noticeably was still wobbly when he stood up, continued the fight only to be knocked down again with a right uppercut and left hook. Campos continues his undefeated records by way of knockout in 1:18 in the first round.


In a super bantamweight bout, Ivan Varela (1-1, 1 KO) of California took on Lynwood’s Oscar Chavez (2-2, 2-1 KO). Both fighters took turns sending each other to the floor, but it was Varela’s counter left hook on Chavez’ chin that the pugilist never recovered from. After three rounds, the fight was stopped by the referee, giving Varela the technical decision over Chavez.


Two southern Californian locals took on a four-round middleweight clash. Jerhad Fenderson (2-6, 1-4 KO) of Long Beach smiled as he showcased his ability to land punches on Compton’s Jose Rivera (5-3, 3 KO) all while switching stances and smiling. Regardless of Fenderson knack to try and throw off his opponent, Rivera stayed calm and timed his punches perfectly and unforgiving. After four rounds of exchanges Jose Rivera takes home the unanimous decision win, with all three judges scoring the fight at 37-39.


Patrick “Stacks” Gutierrez (0-6, 0-4 KO) loses the unanimous decision against Anthony “805” Rivera (3-0, 2 KO) after four rounds in a lightweight bout. Rivera, of Oxnard, CA, started the first round with strong triple jabs to Gutierrez face. Gutierrez was able to connect a couple of blows, but Rivera bounced back with basic boxing punches. All three judges scored the fight 36-40 for Rivera, he still remains undefeated.


Jose Perez (4-1, 1-1 KO) dominated Daniel Bastien (4-9, 1-4 KO) with the unanimous decision in a four-round lightweight bout. The fight started off with Bastien not throwing a single punch, yet he kept inviting Perez to come in closer and give him “his best shot”. It wasn’t until the later rounds did Bastien show his power and overhand right was one to look out for. However, it was Perez who started the rounds throwing more consecutive punches and stuck to his game plan that won him the fight. Although Bastien eventually found his power it wasn’t enough, as all three judges scored the fight 40-35 and 39-37 twice for Perez.