Adelaida Ruiz Cruises

Photo by Tarrah Zael

Adelaida Ruiz Cruises to Victory in Pico Rivera and other results



By Lauren Rodriguez


PICO RIVERA, Ca.- It was a festive night in the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, Micheladas and plain old beer were flowing, people were dancing and Pico Rivera’s very own pride and joy were in attendance.


Many of the crowd arrived to see the battle for the women’s GBO super flyweight continental  championship title, between Adelaida “La Cobra” Ruiz (8-0) and Myrka Aguayo (2-1). It was an eyeful, making it difficult for onlookers to turn away. It was an intense six round battle.


Ruiz, fighting out of Los Angeles, made it a diffifult fight for Mexico native, Aguayo.


The speedy feet and hands of Ruiz created a tough battle for Aguayo, who appeared to have difficulty getting inside her opponent’s body. The 20-year old, Aguayo, a decade younger than Ruiz, often became trapped in Ruiz’s strategic positioning.


Aguayo at times seemed scared of La Cobra, who  repeatedly and viciously attacked, throwing a flurry of advances on the face and body.


The fearsome attack by Ruiz made Aguayo hesitant throughout most of the fight, often lacking confidence in her punches, while the majority of her attempted shots were instantly shut down by the vicious Cobra.


Ruiz, a full time working mother of three, showed no sign of tiring as she aggresively worked on every weakness of her opponent.


The final score was a unanimous decision of 60-54 for Ruiz who was the crowd favorite in Pico Rivera. Many boxing publications consider Ruiz one of the most dangerous female fighters in the world let alone Los Angeles.





Angel “El Moreno” Rodriguez (3-0) was co-headlining the fight card against James Stewart (1-4) of Pomona, CA. The Road 2 Glory event, presented by Red Boxing Promotions, Del Sports and MR Productions entailed a full bout sheet, consisting of 10 fights.



The battle between the two lightweights, Rodriguez and Stewart was a close one for the heavy hitters who fought toe-to-toe. The headlining match had every audience member standing, as viewers tried to get a closer look at the warriors duking it out.


The first round appeared as a win for Rodriguez who quickly had Stewart against the ropes as he doubled down on his punches. Stewart often used his lengthy arms to his advantage, throwing overhand hits to a strategic Rodriguez.


From beginning to end, viewers were kept on their toes by the action packed fight, as both warriors used every second to strategize and counter each others blows with blows of their own.


As the round closed, Rodriguez appeared to be weakening, at times failing to get a solid hit against an endurant Stewart.


The fight ended after 4 rounds and was scored; 40-36 for Rodriguez, 28-28 Draw and 39-37, naming Rodriguez as the final winner by majority decision.




Other bouts


The super featherweight fight between Adan “Temo” Ochoa (9-1), who defended his GBO World Youth Championship title for the second time, against Roger Gutierrez (8-4-2) consisted of six 3-minute rounds.


Ochoa, fighting out of Compton, CA utilized his footwork and ability to get inside of his opponents body. Although Gutierrez kept Ochoa at a distance, by the third round it was apaprent that Gutierrez was a bit off balance.


Gutierrez made impactful hits left and right but it was Ochoa who had the upperhand as he dribbled the face of Gutierrez in the 4th round.


The two gave the audience a show as they kept up energies until the final round. Ochoa, working on his opponent’s body while Gutierrez shot a heavy left and right hook to Ochoa’s face in the last seconds.


The close fight ended in scores; 59-55 for Gutierrez, 58-56 Ochoa and 59-55, with Ochoa maintaining his title as super featherweight GBO World Youth Champion by split decision.


The fight between Anthony Casillas (8-1) of  Southgate, CA and Ivan Varela (3-2-0) of Lindsay, CA was a powerful brawl throughout the entirity of the scheduled four rounds. The two fighters held nothing back as they remained toe-to-toe, at times brawling.  The fight ended in a unanimous decision of 39-37, Casillas as the winner.


By the second round, Varela was quick, positioning Casillas against the rings corner and dodging hits from Casillas. By the 4th and final round, Casillas was ducking nearly to the floor, keeping the fight close as neither opponent showed any sign of slowing.


The fight was scored a unanimous decision of 39-37, Casillas as winner.


A fight between super featherweights Eric Mondragon (2-0) of Maywood, CA  and Eduardo Sanchez (1-2) of Corcoran, CA, ended  in a unanimous decision of 40-36, Mondragon as winner. Within the first seconds of the first round, Mondragon forced Sanchez into the corner . It was apparent throughout that Sanchez struggled to get inside, while Mondragon kept pushing forward with power and intensity.



Another super featherweight fight between Pablo “Bam Bam” Melgar (2-0-1) of Los Angeles, CA and Lucnor Discerne (3-1-1) of Port Au Prince, Haiti end in a draw.


The close fight had Melgar fans cheering all around the arena. In the second round, Lucnor dodged a right overhand by Melger before Melger was knocked to the ground. Melger rose quickly and the fight remained close until the end.


A female super flyweight fight between Lorraine Villalobos (3-2) of  Whittier, CA and  Daniella Saldanha (2-3) Fort Collins, CO ended in knock out at 1:00 of round four, Villalobos was the winner.


Throughout the fight, it was clear the power of Villalobos’ punches would be no match for Saldanha. Although Saldanha, fighting out of Colorado, was quicker, Villalobos kept a distance, working on her body, playing a game of boxing chess.


The knockout was the first for Villalobos.


A welterweights fight saw Austin “Misreal” Gudino (3-0-0) of  West Covina, CA and Derrick Batlemay(1-9-2) of Eugene Oregeon ended at 1:29 of the 3rd round, naming Austin “Misreal” Gudino as winner. From beginning to end, Gudinos punches could be heard throughout the outdoor arena. Bartlemay seemed hesitant as he often stumbled and remained no match for Gudino.


The fight between welterweights, Eduardo Diaz (2-0-0) of Inglewood, CA and Juan Yanez Barrera (0-1) of San jose, CA was filled with energy from beginning to end. The fighters left few seconds to spare, as they filled every moment with counters and often became caught in an entanglement. The fighters brawled throughout,  countering left and right, working on each others body when not hitting face. By the fourth round, Barrerra began missing shots as Diaz’s energy remained more consistent.  The score card read a unanimous decision of 40-36, Diaz as the winner.